Soon, written permission must be required for sanitation worker to enter the well

Suez India Limited – the company entrusted with the task of Lucknow’s sewer management – intends to obtain written permission from the area corporation, area sanitation manager and security officer required before any sanitation worker enters a sewer room.

The move comes close to the heels of the deaths of two sanitary workers in Saadatganj area on March 29 when they entered a well without proper gear.

“We are proposing a proposal whereby the permission of our security officer, area corporation and supervisor for sanitation would be essential before a sanitary worker enters the sewer. The sanitary worker must have all safety equipment, including oxygen cylinder, before entering the sewer,” said Rajesh Mathpal. the project director Suez India Limited.

The move is planned to ensure the safety of sanitary workers. This would mean that there would be no entry of sanitary workers into sewers without the written permission of corporations that are public representatives, Mathpal said.

LMC House opposition leader Sayyed Yawar Hussain Reshu said: “Corporates have always supported the safety requirements of sanitation workers who risk their lives while doing their jobs. In addition, they must be provided with uniforms, safety helmets, shoes, goggles. “Gloves and masks. Additional safety equipment, such as waterproof packs, oxygen masks, seat belts, gumboots, must also be made available to workers to ensure their safety.”

Additional municipal commissioner Pankaj Singh said: “All we want is the safety of sanitary workers. Let the company come up with the proposal, we will certainly accept it if it ensures the safety of sanitary workers. At the same time we also want the company to issue to the health of their staff, as they are at high risk of contracting diseases such as cholera, hepatitis, tuberculosis and typhoid, because they are in direct contact with sewage.

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