‘Extremist’ audio clips removed from SoundCloud in European operation

Authorities in six European countries have launched a joint operation to remove extremist content and propaganda on SoundCloud.

The European Union law enforcement agency Europol said on Friday that hundreds of illegal files had been removed from the German music streaming platform.

The investigation was led by the German Federal Police Bureau, in addition to authorities in Denmark, Hungary, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom.

German authorities said they had marked about 1,100 profiles and audio files on SoundCloud between May 5 and 13.

This included “jihadist singing in various languages, as well as audio fragments promoting violent and right-wing extremist groups”.

Some of the audio clips were illegally posted on the site to recruit young people and have already been broadcast several thousand times.

“In review, SoundCloud has deleted the reported files that were considered a breach of its terms and conditions,” Europol said in a statement. statement,

The large-scale operation is part of an ongoing partnership between the EU Law Enforcement Agency and SoundCloud to combat online extremism and radicalization.

“The efforts of Islamist / terrorist and right-wing extremist groups to propagate their ideologies and recruit new members remain high,” the German Federal Criminal Police Bureau said in a statement. statement,

The authority added that the European operation was able to identify those responsible for sharing the extremist content.

“Music remains a popular medium for spreading extremist and terrorist views,” it said.

“Songs by well-known right-wing rock bands or Islamic rhythmic songs can often be accessed easily and without major restrictions on digital music platforms.”

“This direct access to sometimes inhuman audio content can be a major factor in the self-radicalization of individuals.”

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