Crystal Mountain Redesigned Bike Park opens with a chairlift Bike Carrier

Crystal Mountains Redesigned Bike Park opens Friday. It consists of five downhill mountain bike trails.

“We use every 375 feet of our vertical here to maximize how many tracks you descend. You can think of it as a ski hill,” said Chris Remy, Bike and Race Manager at Crystal Mountain. “We have green paths, blue paths, and a black diamond trail.”

Each track has mountain bike features that will take your ride to the next level.

“We have table tops, rollers, large berms, wooden drops and rock gardens,” Remy said.

“I’ve always enjoyed the excitement of mountain biking and the fitness aspect,” said Matt Tomlinson. “Just the whole thing together is a ton of fun to challenge myself in these situations.”

You do not even have to climb the mountain. There is a chairlift with bike carriers.

“It’s a super simple load. You ride the bike to the chairlift, and when the bike comes up, our lift crew will pick up the bike for you,” Remy said.

To kick off the opening of the new bike park on Saturday, Crystal Mountain will be hosting a Grass Dual Slalom Mountain Bike Race.

“This is absolutely for fun,” Remy said. “It’s an opportunity for riders to get out, and they can lie down as many times as they want, and we’ll take their best time.”

Helmets are required, and if you do not have a bicycle or helmet, you can rent one.

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