Suniel Shetty says he has never had tobacco in his life

Suniel Shetty has said he has never had tobacco in his life, and he loves many other things too, but that does not mean he is a saint. The actor spoke at an event. Recently, Suniel had responded to a Twitter user who accidentally tagged him in a tweet criticizing advertising for a tobacco product. ,Read also: Suniel Shetty tells of ‘repairing his glasses’ after tagging him as ‘gutka king’ instead of Ajay Devgn after seeing an ad,

The Twitter user had incorrectly tagged Suniel instead of Ajay Devgn, while beating Ajay, Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar for promoting a tobacco market. Asked about his tweet at an irrelevant charity event in Mumbai, Suniel said he only gave some advice to the Twitter user.

Suniel said: “As for tobacco, I’ve never had it in my life. People tell me I’m 60, but I’m not old yet, this is the reason. People also drink alcohol, they can even live longer than I do. ” It is said that it sells tobacco and alcohol, which is why they need advertising. I think those of us who do not want to use it should also refrain from advertising. There is a lot going on in the film industry, I’m staying away from it. “

He added, “That does not mean I am a saint. I am neither God nor a saint, I also have shortcomings. That’s why I do not want to comment. But there was a tweet that said India ko bigad rahe ho .I only said change your number (of the glasses) or your glasses. That’s the only thing I said and that was also advice. I addressed him myself as a brother or son. Each of us, we have our own .. “I do not eat too much sugar, I do not even eat too much. But I will not say I’m right and the others are wrong.”

The Twitter user had tagged Suniel while commenting on a tweet with a photo of a store of a tobacco brand with the faces of Ajay, Akshay and Shah Rukh. The photo was captioned, “I have seen so many ads on this highway that I feel like I have some tobacco.” The Twitter user wrote, “Hey #GutkaKingsofIndia @iamsrk @akshaykumar @SunielVShetty, your kids should feel ashamed of leading nation the wrong way. Do not lead India to cancer stupidity.” However, the user quickly apologized when the actor pointed out his mistake and asked him to change his glasses.

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