Lyft and Uber criticized for rising prices after Brooklyn subway shooting

Lyft and Uber halt rising prices near a Brooklyn, New York neighborhood where at least 10 people were shot dead on a subway train after social media users posted screenshots showing the sheer cost of booking rides on the rideshare services.

Both companies appeared to have had a marked price peak immediately after the attack.

“People are scared, let them get out safely,” one person wrote on Twitter, urging Uber to stop its practice of raising higher prices during periods of strong demand.

“Fare surge to a mass shooting in Brooklyn when subways are shut down. Shame on you @Uber,” another person tweeted.

Both ride-hailing companies said they are turning down the algorithms after the shooting that increase rates if drivers are short.

“After the incident, Uber turned off the pricing in the neighborhood and restricted pricing in the city,” a spokesman said in a statement to CBS News. “If anyone on our platform has incurred unintended costs during this emergency, we will work to recover them.”

Lyft echoed Uber’s statement, saying it had stopped prime-time pricing in the area of ​​the shooting and was working to “adjust rates for certain riders who pay prime-time prices when the situation for discovered it first. “

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