Illegal immigrants expelled from the land of the railways in Jammu

The railways on Tuesday expelled illegal immigrants who were encroaching their land at tracks in Jammu’s Trikuta Nagar, officials said.

Railways SSP Mohammad Arif Reshu said no force was used and the intruders left the land of the railways on their own. “They were told it was not safe to live near the tracks and they also understood the dangers and came free on their own,” he added.

However, a couple said while packing their belongings, “Under these hot weather conditions, we do not know where we are going? We can not return to Myanmar, because we will be killed there. We do not get accommodation in here, to “We do not have Aadhaar cards, but we do have UN refugee cards. We have young children with us. We do not know what would happen to us.”

Another woman regrets that she could not observe the fast during the month of Ramzan because of the action of the authorities.

Another Rohingya, Shams ul Alam, holding a UNHCR card, said: “I do not know where I should go now … They (officials) said that the country belongs to the Railways and that we “They should not leave. They are not considering a UN card. We are appealing to the government to rehabilitate us somewhere. How can we get back to Myanmar? We will be killed by the army there.”

On April 7, the Supreme Court of J&K instructed the Minister of the Interior of the Ministry of the Interior, RK Goyal, to develop a mechanism for the identification of all illegal immigrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh and to compile a list after they have identified. The court instructions were submitted to a PIL by attorney Hunar Gupta, who sought instructions from the J&K government to appoint a former retired judge to conduct an investigation to identify all illegal immigrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh, who migrated and settled in J&K.

A High Court divisional bench consisting of Chief Justice Pankaj Mithal and Justice Moksha Khajuria Kazmi, after hearing senior lawyer Sunil Sethi for the PIL and Attorney General DC Raina with AAG Raman Sharma for the UT, addressed the Minister of the Interior to consider the case and develop a mechanism for the identification of all illegal immigrants.

The whole “exercise can be performed, usually promptly, within a period of six weeks,” the court had said.

According to the government, 13,400 illegal immigrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh lived in various areas of J&K.

The applicant had indicated that the actual figures were much more than the official statistics.

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