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Microsoft provides a transcription feature in Word for the Web that provides an easy way to automatically transcribe audio. Transcribe to Word allows transcription of recorded or live audio. Appears in the online version of Word for Microsoft 365 subscribers. The feature supports existing audio and video files as the option to record conversations directly and transcribe them automatically. Microsoft AI even separates speakers and organizes the conversation into sections that you can easily edit and paste into a Word document. Transcribe to Word can record any audio on your PC, which means you can use it to transcribe everything from Zoom meetings to YouTube videos.

Word also records its own audio from your PC’s microphone. Remember that when recording live audio you can dictate things like “smiley face” or “heart emoji” so that they are accurately transcribed. (See this article for a list of all voice commands.) If you want to overwrite audio or video that you have recorded elsewhere, Transcribe in Word supports MP3, WAV, M4A or MP4 files up to 200 MB . Of course, the turnaround time for transcription will vary. You are also limited to five hours per month for uploaded audio files.

How to record and transcribe audio in MS Word

To transcribe an audio file, you must have Word online. If you try the free version, it will ask you to sign up for a premium account. To get started, follow these steps:

  • Go to Word Online and sign in if you do not already have one.
  • Open a new or existing document or create a new one. You can start a transcript of Microsoft Word by opening the Home tab, clicking the drop-down arrow next to the Dictate button, and clicking Transcribe.
  • A transcribed message will appear. You can load an existing recording to begin transcription or to start a new one. First we will look at making a new recording.
  • Click the Start Recording button. If this is the first time you are recording a message, you will be prompted to give Word access to your PC’s microphone.
  • Start recording your message and when you are done, click the Pause button and click Save and now transcribe.

Final words: How to record and transcribe audio in MS Word

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