How to pair Nest Audio for a better experience

Nest Audio and Mini are easily some of the best smart audio products around the world, and some of the least expensive, but many people may not realize that two such speakers can be used together in a pair. More briefly, that is together as one stereo unit.

The process to achieve that is also not too difficult. In reality, it only takes a few short steps to play them together.

What is this audio gadget for Google Gadgets?

Simply put, if you pair two Nest Audio or Nest Mini devices – the devices must be the same model – you will effectively have one stereo pair of speakers. They will appear as one device in your apps and during casting. And the audio quality will improve as a result.

For Nest Audio, the biggest improvement is on the volume front. But secondary to that and close in terms of marketability is the stereo effect. Because there are two speakers and because they are set with left-right indications, the audio coming from each individual speaker is something different. Especially where the streaming service supports stereo playback.

In fact, what you get is a mix of audio that plays much closer to how it would be about headphones. With some audio prominently – or completely – sent to one or another speaker. That play comes by sounding much closer to how production intended it to be. With a much clearer separation of the audio frequencies between the two coupled speakers.

Now, for Nest Mini devices, the impact of pairing is even more noticeable. Not least because the speakers are so small, to begin with. Yet with a second speaker, Nest Mini sounds fuller and deeper. With better bass response and better distinction between audio frequencies. This is in addition to a more stereo-like response than supported by the audio streaming app in use.

In summary, pairing two Mini speakers results in an audio experience that is much closer to the larger Nest audio gadget pictured above. But with stereo support and slightly less bass response.

This also allows two speakers connected to a TV to work as a surround sound system, to some extent. So let’s show you how to make a speaker pair.

Here’s how to pair two Nest Audio or Nest Mini speakers

Linking Nest Audio really couldn’t be easier. And even better, this process will work with both Nest Audio and with Nest Mini Speakers, as indicated above. That is, provided you use the latest, non-Google branded Nest Mini speakers. So if you want to link this, this manual will work for that too.

You will first need two of the two speaker types. Or any Nest audio gadget that supports pairing. These will need to be taken through their initial setup process individually. It helps if you are in the same room as the speakers, as part of this process will ask which speaker is left and which is right.

After the initial setup process, open the Google Home app. Then scroll down, if necessary, to select the first of the two speakers you want to pair.

Then select the gear as a cog-shaped setting icon in the top right corner of the UI. Then select “Audio” from the resulting list.

01 1 how to connect your nest audio mini speakers DG AH 2022

On the resulting menu page, select “Speaker Pair” near the top of the menu. Google Home will give you a brief explanation of what a speaker pair does. Namely, broadening the sound stage for a more stereo experience with better sound delivery in terms of depth. Select the “Next” button at the bottom of the menu.

01 2 how to connect your nest audio mini speakers DG AH 2022

After selecting Next, Google Home will automatically select a nearby compatible speaker. As shown in the pictures below, there was only one speaker to choose from – in the same room of the house. You can use the Google Home segment of this manual to move your speaker when one of them is not in the correct room, and avoid coupling. The process is the same in the Google Home app, regardless of the type of device you move.

If the wrong speaker is automatically selected, select the correct speaker. The next page lets you select a configuration. That is, whether or not the speaker you have selected is on the right or left side when you are facing it. The speaker will make a noise and blink, but the menu does not immediately make it clear that a choice needs to be made.

01 3 how to connect your nest audio mini speakers DG AH 2022

Select the correct speaker position – right or left – and then select the “Next” button.

Google Home will then provide an opportunity to rename the speaker group. It is always a good idea to choose something that is logical and therefore intuitive and easy to remember. That, as shown in our sample image below, we opted for “Upstairs Living Pair.”

Select “Next.”

Google Home will then briefly display an image location stating that the link is located. It’s a good idea not to go back to setup at this stage, or you may need to reset your speakers, as some settings may not be properly applied. After it is ready, it will inform you that the process is complete. Your Nest Audio or Mini speaker pair is ready. The whole thing should last well under half a minute.

Select “Done” to finalize the process.

Now, when you scroll back to the speakers in your list, the app will display them as one device. In our case, titled “Upstairs Living Pair.”

01 5 how to connect your nest audio mini speakers DG AH 2022

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