Chennai-based IT company Kissflow presents BMW cars to employees

Chennai-Based IT Firm Gifts BMW Cars to Employees

Loyalty is always rewarded. Sometimes even bringing an expensive BMW car.

This is what five employees of a city-based software company have discovered, as they helped their boss ‘dig gold’ and make the solid weather of the covid-19 storm threatening its entire existence.

Global software-as-a-service company Kissflow Inc handed over five BMW cars, each worth Rs one crore, to its senior management executives to honor their loyalty and commitment to the company on Friday.

The handover ceremony was watched as some of the five recipients of the cars were informed just hours before the event that they would become proud owners of an expensive luxury brand.

According to Suresh Sambandam, CEO of Kissflow Inc, the five were with him from the beginning of the business and stayed with him throughout the trip.

Sambandam said some of the recipients of the cars come from modest backgrounds and had faced various challenges before joining his company.

The company also faced many obstacles on its journey and during the Covid-19 pandemic, some of the investors even questioned whether the company would run successfully.

“There were hard times. Even during the pandemic, investors were not sure whether this company would maintain and build a future. Today we are very happy that we have repaid the investors and now it has become a full ownership of private property. business, “he said.

Not many were aware of the incident, as Friday afternoon was the last working day of the week and several questions arose in the minds of those who had gathered at the ceremony, including about the possible infusion of funds or any purchase .

With much fanfare, the five BMW 530d cars rolled in one by one and were lined up in parallel with the respective families of the five members, to the delight of the assembled staff.

“The cars are for those five who were with me when I dug 100 feet for gold (setting up Kissflow while others left the organization halfway),” Sambandam said.

Asked what the other employees would receive, Sambandam, owner of a BMW 6 Series car, said, “This is an inspiration to them. We want to motivate them (to perform much better). We take care of our employees much better. “.

“For example, there is no sick leave or just any leave here unlike other companies. There is only one leave for them. If they do not come and want to work, they can work from home. There is no attendance system like biometric system and all. .. we know our employees “, he said.

Echoing similar views, Vivek Madurai, one of the beneficiaries of Sambandam’s largesse, said: “We take care of our team members. They are motivated to perform much better in whatever way they prefer”.

The Navy Blue 5 Series cars, each valued at Rs 1 crore, were handed over to the beneficiaries at an event held to mark the company’s 10th anniversary on Friday.

Some of the beneficiaries were only informed in the afternoon about the fortune that awaited them and they called it a ‘pleasant surprise’, because some thought it was just an outing with the bosses.

The recipients of the cars were– Chief Product Officer Dinesh Varadharajan, Director (Product Management) Kausikram Krishnasayee, Director Vivek Madurai, Director Adhi Ramanathan and Vice President Prasanna Rajendran.

“It’s a pleasant surprise for me. I thought we would go with everyone for lunch or dinner. I did not expect this,” Krishnasayee said.

Sambandam, after handing over the keys to them, said: “These are the five people who stayed with me in the trenches. Without them, Kissflow would not be where it is today, and this is a very small “Sign of appreciation. I’m glad to see them enjoying themselves with their families.”

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