19 new books to read in 2022, based on your favorite TV show

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  • Our favorite TV shows and books can have a lot in common with each other.
  • Both offer great entertainment that draws us with unique stories and characters.
  • Here are 19 great recommendations for new books, based on your current favorite TV show.

I absolutely love reading, but I can also not resist a great TV show and find that I want more when I have no episodes. If I want to go back to reading, I’m looking for a book that has hooked me in the same way as the show, whether it was because of the meaningful storyline, exciting characters or dramatic vibes.

To make these TV-based recommendations, we were looking for new books that did just that – reminding us of the themes, characters, and atmospheres of some of our favorite shows. So if you just finished the latest episode of “Succession” and want more via a great book, we’ve put together recommendations of great 2022 readings based on your favorite show.

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19 new books to read, based on your favorite TV show right now:

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