Woman in Florida arrested for placing child in dryer and starter

Woman in Florida arrested for placing child in dryer and starter

Women in Florida arrested for placing a child in a tumble dryer. (Map)

A 35-year-old Florida woman was arrested over the weekend on charges of placing a child inside a tumble dryer and changing machines. According to New York PostAmber Chapman is accused of abusing child abuse as the 4-year-old boy sustained peculiar injuries lying in an emergency room.

The incident happened in February and Ms. Chapman is accused of child abuse. The boy, who sustained a grape-sized wound, told doctors that Ms. Chapman had put him in the machine with some towels and that he was “going around”, according to the Peal report.

The boy stood under the guard of the 35-year-old. He was found with injuries to head, face, back and abdomen, authorities said. In a recorded interview, he told the Lake County Sheriff’s Office that Mrs. Chapman placed him in the dryer with towels and activated the machine. The 35-year-old even opened the door halfway through the cycle and then closed it again to resume the tumble, he further said. ABC-connected WFTV,

The medical report stated that the Child Protection Team could not determine whether the placement in the dryer had caused the injuries. However, it also added that the severity of the injuries was consistent with what the boy told doctors and deputies.

After gathering evidence, police arrested Amber Champan on Saturday, but she was later released on a $ 15,000 bail. Law enforcement officials have released no motive for the horrific abuse.

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