‘Shameful’: Video of tourists driving a car through Pangong Pso Lake in Ladakh, shames

The breathtaking beauty of the Pangong Pso Lake in Ladakh attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. However, while enjoying the picturesque view, a group of tourists was seen driving their car through the water, causing netizens to run online. Because the video has caused an enormous uproar online, netizens are demanding strict action against the perpetrators.

It all started when a nature and photography enthusiast, a Twitter user named Jigmat Ladakhi shared the clip to express his dissatisfaction. He shared the video he described as “shameful”, writing: “Such irresponsible tourists are killing Ladakh [sic],

In the video, two men are seen coming out of the sunroof of an Audi as another drives it through the lake while showing a victory sign to the camera. A small table with alcohol bottles and food can also be seen in the waters as the car passes by.

Emphasizing that Ladakh has more than 350 bird species and lakes such as Pangong Pso are home to many of them, he added: “Such an act could endanger the habitat of many bird species.”

While the undated video netizens raged online, many tried to find the people responsible for the brutal act. With the car number visible in the clip, indicating that it was from Haryana, Ladakhi managed to get it back to the original video posted on Instagram by @meeta_katwalia. However, the profile has now been deleted.

While some remarked that the video was posted last year, they still claim that the men should be punished for setting an example so that such actions are not repeated.

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