SG actor, Wang Lei helps raise cash rewards up to S $ 48,500 (RM150,000) in total for anyone who finds M’ian insurance agent who disappeared April 5

After a 22-year-old insurance agent disappeared from Malaysia earlier this month, Getai singer Wang Lei took to Facebook to call for help in finding her.

In addition, he added $ 3,200 (RM10,000) to the S $ 32,300 (RM100,000) reward money offered by the father’s wife’s employer to those who could track down Chia Min Yong.

Chia Min Yong, missing since April 5th

Wang was not personally taken over by Mrs. Chia. However, he said in a Facebook video from April 9 that she is the daughter of a friend.

Moreover, because Wang himself is a father, his heart was moved by the fate of Mrs. Chia’s family.

The singer said that if Ms. Chia needs a job, he is ready to offer one in Singapore.

Ms. Chia was last seen on April 5, according to an article in China PressHer story was also told on the MySelangor community Facebook page and went on to be shared thousands of times.

On that date, she would have left her home to meet a customer, but could not return. While checking her belongings, her family found that only her passport was missing, giving rise to the possibility that she had been the victim of foreign laborers.

But Ms. Chia did not even have a change of clothes with her, nor did she tell her employer that she was fired.

The police later found her car.

Her family does not believe she is gone.

Before she went missing, however, the agent had sent text messages to her family and friend, letting them know she was on her way to Johor Bahru to apply for a job that paid S $ 2,600 (RM8,000) every month. .

However, Ms. Chia’s family and friend doubt that she sent these messages herself.

In addition to the reward money offered for finding her, Wang has extended his generosity and said that if the insurance agent is kidnapped and ransom is demanded, he will give an extra S $ 16,200 (RM50,000).

This raises the reward amount to S $ 48,500 (RM150,000).

Should she need a job, the getai singer became a wildly successful live streamer, saying Ms. Chia could work as a customer service agent as an assistant at his company in Penang.

On Monday (April 11), Wang posted another video asking for help finding Ms. Chia, writing, “Dear parents, can you please help me find this little girl? Please share far and wide the world. “

The videos of the singer appealing for help in finding her can be seen here and here.

Anyone with information about the missing girl can call the following numbers in Malaysia, 0163501393 (Lucas) or 0126388570 (Minnie), post on MySelangor Facebook says. / TISG

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