Russia takes revenge on YouTube’s Duma TV ban, proposes 10-year suspension on platform

Several social media platforms are leaving Russia after Vladimir Putin’s unjust attack on Ukraine. While some companies have severed ties with the aggressor, some have been banned by the Russian Federation. Russia is now seeking to ban video streaming service YouTube from the country for 10 years. According to RIA Novosti reports, Alexei Chernyak, a deputy from the Crimean peninsula’s Douma, proposed blocking access to YouTube video hosting in Russia for at least ten years.

Chernyak said he would like to propose to the Steateduma leadership to consider the possibility of legally banning YouTube’s operation in their nation for at least ten years. He further stated that even if they want to return in a year or two, they will not be able to, and their domestic services will replace them quickly.

YouTube restricted the Russian “Duma TV” channel from video hosting

This is because Google, which owns YouTube, has restricted the “Duma TV” channel from video hosting. Roskomnadzor, which is a Russian communications regulator, asked the company to restore access to the channel as soon as possible. Chernyak argued that the restriction of the Duma TV channel, such as a monopoly on the dissemination of information, could be considered as a provocative infringement of rights and freedoms. The deputy also said that the service has set all the conditions for himself to ban on Russian soil, which will result in loss of millions of dollars that are not measured in rubles. He further said that the DumaTV team will continue to provide information to Russians on domestic sites, while video hosting on YouTube may be subject to the most stringent response procedures.

Full transfer of YouTube channels to the Russian social network Vkontakte

In the meantime, it was reported that the official community of VKontakte developers announced that software developers have developed a solution that enables the complete transfer of YouTube channels to the Russian social network Vkontakte. The developers have developed a technology that allows users to easily copy their YouTube feeds to VKontakte, according to TASS. The service will post all the essential videos to the VKontakte community as the user’s personal page after a few simple steps.

Photo: AP / Unsplash

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