RTL Today – Post Luxembourg: Managing director defends closure of local branches

The progressive closure of post offices across the Grand Duchy has been a point of contention for years.

Post Luxembourg began implementing a large-scale restructuring process in 2015 and has since shut down over 40 of its local branches.

The Luxembourg Consumer Association (ULC) recently addressed a letter to Minister of the Economy Franz Fayot to criticize the progressive closures and to argue against any further moves. The Association deems the strategy “antisocial” and ignorant of Luxembourgers’ needs. Not everyone is able to use online services and some residents, such as senior citizens, rely on employees for help.

The Post’s managing director Claude Strasser argues that the restructuring process aligns with clients’ demands and the changing nature of their operations. Asked about further closures, he assured that all branches considered to be redundant have already been shut down: “We are frequent mostly left with branches that people quite regularly and which we cannot simply close. So, I can give the all-clear, we are not continuing with the shutdowns.”

Confronted with the fact that senior citizens may struggle to reach post offices located in a different town than the one they live in, Strasser explained that letter carriers will act as the Post’s intermediaries in the field: “In our branches, we do not have any transactions that letter carriers cannot also execute.”

The Post’s managing director concluded by saying that they conduct client polls twice a year to determine what people like and dislike about their services. Furthermore, a new branch is set to open in Belval this month.

The ULC remains unsatisfied by these explanations and demands that Post change its policies and stop making profit at the expense of their clients.

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