No indictment, or arrests, yet in 2020 JNU Violence Case | Latest news Delhi

NEW DELHI: On January 5, 2020, a violence erupted on the campus of Jawaharlal Nehru University when masked individuals attacked students at the Sabarmati hostel. Two years later, the case is still being investigated. No indictment has been filed and no arrests have been made, said a police officer who is in the case.

According to police records accessing HT, 51 persons including students and teachers had been injured in the incident and three First Information Reports were registered in connection with the incident. One FIR was related to “forced shutdown of the Communication and Information Services (CIS) server on January 3rd”, another was related to “forced tempering of CSI server on January 4th” and the third was related to “collision between two groups of students on 5 January ”.

The first and second FIRs were registered under Sections 323 (causing harm), 341 (Misconduct), 506 (criminal intimidation) and 34 (common intent) of the Indian Penal Code and 3 Defacement of Public Property Prevention Act (PDPP) while the third was registered under sections 147 (Punishment for riot), 148 (Riotiing armed with deadly weapon), 149 (Member of illegal assembly) and 151 IPC and 3 PDPP Act.

“Return sheet has not been submitted in connection with the cases. Investigations are being conducted into the cases. No arrests have been made,” said an officer familiar with the developments of the case.

Sucharita Sen, JNU professor who is now also a member of JNU Teachers Association, had sustained serious injuries to her head in the January 5 incident. “I have no hope of the police investigation. I had filed a lawsuit requesting a separate FIR in my case because of the seriousness of the case, but the lawsuit was denied. Police had come to my statement almost three months after the incident “but after that I never heard from her. It’s like they forgot it like a nightmare,” she said. With the April 10 incident, she said “it’s sad how violence has become so normal”.

Dolan, a 25-year-old MPhil student who had sustained injuries in the January 5 incident and was also named by Delhi police as one of the ‘suspects’ in the case, said the police made their statement once took while the team had set up their officer on campus and nothing after that. “What hope can one have of the police? We recognized people who had been attacked and told them their names. Where is Komal Sharma? Why was she not arrested? These questions were never answered by the Delhi police?” She said.

Delhi police had held a press conference on January 10 in which they released photos of nine people as ‘suspects’ and mentioned names of four left-wing groups as part of the violence, while not naming Akhil Bhartiya Vishwa Parishad (ABVP). The photos that were released during the day when Pariyar hostel was attacked. Sabarmati hostel, however, was taken by masked persons at night.

Police had also formed a special team of 20 members led by then DCP (Crime) Joy Tirkey to investigate the case, but many officials of the team have been transferred from the Investigation Branch, including Tirkey.

ABVP member Valentina Brahma, who was also injured on January 5 two years ago, said she was called by the police to record her statement once, after which she also did not get it out of her head. She declined to comment further on the investigation, she said.

On-record remark from police awaited.

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