Karnataka HC directs Medical Edu Dept. to make a decision on nursing diploma | Bengaluru

The Karnataka High Court directed the Department of Medical Education to consider petitions from 25 nursing institutions seeking approval to begin new courses in General Nursing and Obstetrics (GNM) within eight weeks for the academic year 2021-2022 and to inform them about the the results.

In rejecting the petition filed by JPI Dass School of Nursing and other 24 nursing schools in the city, Justice P Krishna Bhat said: “In light of the peculiar facts of this case, namely that applications were submitted by the petitioners in 2019 itself and applications have remained unintentional … the order must contain sufficient reasons to decide on granting approval or refusing approval. “

Petitioners who wanted to start a new Diploma in GNM course in 2019, asked for recognition with effect from the academic year 2019-20. The, the Department of Medical Education and the Karnataka State Nursing Council, have not decided whether to give approval or not.

The country’s shaky health system has been exposed by the Covid-19 epidemic. It has refocused attention on the various problems of the health sector, including poor investment and a shortage of doctor, paramedic and hospital. The pandemic has also highlighted the importance of paramedics and nurses in medical emergencies.

Long-term trends such as aging populations and growing incomes are expected to drive the largest increase in labor demand for health aides, technicians, wellness professionals, nurses, and health professionals worldwide by 2030. According to the McKinsey Global Institute’s “Future of Work after COVID -19, “the net employment change for health professionals will be 112 percent from 2018 to 2030.

The Karnataka State Nursing Council had presented the ideas to the High Power Committee of the Department of Medical Education based on the petitioners’ requests, but no decision was taken. They even presented this difficulty in the medical system and demanded a quick decision on the recognition of the diploma to bridge the gap post-COVID-19.

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