Here’s why Russia has lost so many tanks

War in Ukraine: Here's why Russia has lost so many tanks

A number of Russian tanks have been destroyed by Ukrainian troops.

Russian troops have strongly opposed the day Ukraine entered more than a month ago. Since Russian troops were numerically superior and had sophisticated weapons, many thought that the war would be over within a few days.

But that was not the case. Opposition to the Russians intensified as they marched on the capital, Kiev, losing many weapons and ammunition.

Among them are tanks, which Russians have lost in large numbers.

How many Russian tanks have been destroyed?

According to information released by Ukrainian armed forces on social media, Russia has lost more than 680 tanks.

Oryx, a military and intelligence blog that keeps track of Russia’s military losses in Ukraine based on photos from the war zone, says the Russian military has lost more than 2,000 armored vehicles and 460 tanks.

US think tank Rand Corporation, along with the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), said in a release that Russia had more than 2,700 tanks before the start of the Ukraine war.

How has Ukraine been able to destroy so many Russian tanks?

Much of the success came from the arms supplied by Western countries, including the United States. The US supplied Ukraine with 2,000 anti-tank Javelin missiles when the conflict began and later sent 2,000 more.

The lightweight but deadly weapon has allowed the soldiers in Ukraine to inflict some serious damage to Russian tanks and artillery.

According to Lockheed Martin, the rocket automatically directs itself to the target after launch (“fire and forget” system), allowing the glitter to take cover and prevent counter-fire, or to load a new rocket.

It also has a softer start, making it difficult for the enemy to see where it was launched.

The Javelins explode at the top of the tank, where the armor is arguably the weakest.

Apart from the US, the UK has sent NLAWs and Starstreak missiles, which have also helped the Ukrainians destroy Russian drones.

The US now supplies 100 Switchblade anti-tank drones to Ukraine, the BBC reported.

Is this a fault of Russian tactics?

Phillips O’Brien, a professor of strategic studies at St Andrews University, told the BBC“Some of those tanks were abandoned because they ran out of fuel. That’s a logistical failure. Some got stuck in the spring mud because the high command came at the wrong time of year.”

“Many tanks were abandoned due to bad driving. Some were driven off bridges. Others were driven into ditches so the tracks came off. The ability of the troops to use their equipment was lacking,” Nick Reynolds said. who works at think tank Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).

In addition, the Ukrainian government has even issued instructions on how to destroy Russian tanks used by civilians participating in the war.

According to Oryx report, half of the tanks that Russia lost were not destroyed or damaged by the enemy, but captured or abandoned.

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