Have you ever seen a “snake” growing in a plant? Snake chili is eaten with gusto in Turkey

In today’s time, people have grown many types of hybrid fruits and vegetables with many types of technology and jugaad. Some fruits become so big that they are not visible to this planet. But the truth is that they are easily grown with the help of human brain and advanced science. A video of one such plant is being well-liked on social media these days. In this video, long peppers like snakes are visible.

These long peppers like snakes are not fake. These snakes grow in Chile Turkey. They are quite long. Because of their length, they are called snake chili. Although it is green in color, but if it is left in the plant, then it becomes red in color after ripening. First, after seeing this video, people first thought that this is an edited video. But let us tell you that these snake chilies are actually born in Turkey.

snake chiiy

Sweet Taste with Tart
By the way, chillies are generally known for their pungency. But if we talk about this special Turkish Snake Chillies, then there is a little spiciness in it. Because of this, people fry it in light oil and eat it. Apart from this, like common chili, it is cut and garnished on top of the food. But if we talk about its flavor, then it is sweet. Because of this, it is quite different from the common chillies.

Seeds can be ordered online
These snake chilies are grown extensively in Turkey. Long like snakes, these chillies are cultivated there. They also look very beautiful to look at. But if you want to grow them in your home then its option is also available. The seeds of this chili are sold online. However, they get out of stock very quickly. In such a situation, as soon as they come for sale, there is a competition among people to place their orders. You can also order it online and grow it in your garden.

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