Ex Amnesty India Chief Aakar Patel Amid CBI Demand: I Am Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya | Latest News India

Former Amnesty India chief Aakar Patel, who was twice stopped flying from the country last week, has been “involved in a number of cases”, the CBI told a court in Delhi on Tuesday, as Patel’s lawyer ruled that ‘”there was nothing to suggest” “that my client is a flight risk”. “Am I some Nirav Modi or Vijay Mallya?” Aakar Patel asked during the hearing while requesting the issuance of LOC (Lookout Circular) against him.

The central investigative body informed the court that “sanctions have been imposed to prosecute” Aakar Patel. Appearing before the bureau, his lawyer, Nikhil Goel, said Patel was involved in a number of cases.

He is not named in the FIR because the name of the organization is listed there (Amnesty India), the court was told. The lawyer said Patel “the person was responsible for overseeing the organization”. He claimed that the “funds or donations were used for commercial purposes”. “Money came not only from Amnesty UK but other UK companies,” the CBI lawyer said.

Against the CBI submissions, Tanveer Ahmed Mir, Patel’s lawyer, claimed that other cases against his client “could not work as the engine of surgery against him”. He said Patel had once gone to Bangladesh and returned. Regarding the sponsorship of the tickets, he added, on behalf of Patel, “I am an honorable person. I may have received the offer, but I chose not to take it. That is entirely my insight.”

He also said that “the sanction taken by the CBI is nothing but procedural, because without the sanction the knowledge on the indictment sheet could not have been taken”.

The activist had said Friday that he was stopped flying to the United States a day after the court asked the CBI for an apology over the LoC.

Hours later, when the probation agency filed a challenge, the court said Friday that the activist could not travel outside the country until he heard the CBI’s statement.

The CBI lawyer also said the lecture he wanted to attend was delivered virtually, so there was an option to address it online. “Everything is sponsored. It is not our fault that he chooses business class or economy. The extra chief metropolitan magistrate can not get into civil law and say that mental harassment happened,” the court was told.

The lawyer also said that Patel gives interviews in the media because “he is a media man”. He said both universities, where Patel would deliver lectures, had offered to provide the tour tickets along with accommodation. “Patel, however, did not choose to take advantage of the offer.”

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