EPA to try to combat high gas prices at the pump with ethanol blend this summer

The Biden administration plans to allow a gasoline blend containing 15% ethanol to continue being sold over the summer, senior administration officials announced Tuesday.

The 15% mix, known as E15 petrol, is normally banned for sale from June 1st to September 15th, peak months, as it is faster in the heat and there are some concerns that it contributes to smog, although proponents of sustainable fuel claim that this is not true. Under current law, gas stations may sell a 10% ethanol blend year round. The Environmental Protection Agency intends to issue a national emergency exemption to change that for most of the country from June 1 to September 15.

A senior administration official said E15 gas could be 10 cents cheaper per gallon than conventional gas, but it is unclear exactly how much the change will affect drivers’ pocketbooks.

The E15 announcement is the latest action taken by the Biden administration to reduce prices at the pump, which were already high, even before Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his war against Ukraine, and prices are in ‘ brought into the air. The administration is too release over 1 million barrels a day from U.S. reserves. According to AAA, the current price for gas nationwide is $ 4.11.

The White House says the EPA will work with states across the country to ensure there are no serious effects on air quality. But the administration is considering allowing the use of E15 gas throughout the year. Currently, only about 2,300 gas stations across the country offer E15 gas, according to the White House.

The EPA plans to take definitive action for the issuance of the emergency exemption, as the calendar is close to June 1st.

It is not yet known how environmental activists will react, and the exact impact of the change is also unclear.

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