Crime News in madhya pradesh married girlfriend refused for the relationship lover killed her. Married girlfriend broke up, then lover became a predator, stabbed 16 times in front of innocent child

Crime News in madhya pradesh- India TV Hindi
Crime News in madhya pradesh

Bhopal: There is a saying that when a person is determined to commit a crime, he crosses all his limits. In such a situation, it would also be wrong to call him a human because he becomes an animal. The latest case is from Betul in Madhya Pradesh, where a married woman was brutally murdered by her lover.

The man stabbed her 16 times in front of the innocent child of the married woman, due to which the woman died. The police has arrested the person who carried out the incident. According to the information received, the attacker was the lover of a married woman and when the woman asked to stop this love affair going on for two years, the man attacked her.

This eccentric lover made 16 attacks on the woman one after the other, seeing that the innocent child of the woman got scared and hid in the cupboard. The age of the woman was only 26 years. The woman suffered serious injuries all over her body, including her neck, after which she was brought to Ghoradongri Hospital, where she died.

There is a lot of tension in the area after the incident. The name of the deceased woman is being told as Rubina and the name of the attacker is Sandeep Sahu. According to the information received, the two had an affair for 2 years, but due to the growing up of the son, Rubina asked Sandeep to end the relationship, after which Sandeep took this violent step.

At the same time, Asif Ali, the husband of the deceased woman, says that Sandeep was harassing his wife for two years. Asif says that even 6 months ago, Sandeep had attacked Rubina and during that time Rubina’s head was broken. To escape from Sandeep, Asif and his family settled in another locality, but Sandeep reached there too.

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