Boucher will be the coach of South Africa in the T20 World Cup

Can Mark Boucher coach until this year’s T20 World Cup or will he be sacked for that event? Next month, Boucher will face disciplinary hearings in which Cricket South Africa wants him dismissed on charges of involvement in a culture of racism in the various South African teams of which he was a part.

Boucher will also be asked about his dealings with Enoch Nkwe, a former assistant coach, for the way they handle the issues surrounding Black Lives Matter.

“It was difficult,” Boucher told a news conference after South Africa defeated Bangladesh in the second Test to win the series 2-0.

“I really enjoyed coaching the boys. On the cricket side of things, we have a very tight unit. I really enjoyed being with the boys and watching the development in their cricket. Beyond that, it would be for me to be quite difficult to say that I enjoy it.That’s just being honest.I do not think anyone in my situation can enjoy what is put on my plate.

South Africa play England in August and later travel to Australia at the end of the year for a Test series. Boucher would like to be a part of these commitments

“I’m very competitive, and you want to rate yourself against the best teams in the world,” Boucher said. “We played against the two best of recent times against India and New Zealand, and it was hard-fought series. When I was playing, going to England and Australia was always very difficult. It would be nice to to fight against them, but we will see what happens in the future.

Boucher wants to map out the personal development plan for players for the disciplinary sessions.

“We’ll talk about contracts. We’ll have a personal development plan for each player. Our coaches will sit down with them and talk about areas they’ve been good at and where we think they can improve. There’s a World Cup around the corner [in India in October and November next year], so we need to do some planning about the team we want to select in those terms. There needs to be a lot of work done outside of the season. That will hopefully happen within the next month, “Boucher said.

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