After Trump approval, Oz and McCormick trade jabs in Pennsylvania GOP Senate primary battle

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In a Republican Party that is still dominated by Donald Trump, candidates who get the approval of the former president tend to ignore it.

And that’s exactly what Mehmet Oz is doing in Pennsylvania’s overcrowded, burning and expensive GOP Senate premiere.

“I signed another person today. Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania,” Trump said in a clip from his Saturday night rally in North Carolina that appears at the top of a new ad by the Oz campaign.


“Trump calls Dr. Oz ‘smart, tough, and someone who will never let us down.’ “Signed by Trump. The Conservative fighter that Pennsylvania needs,” said the narrator on the spot. The Oz campaign told Fox News that it plans to spend $ 1 million to run the ad across the state starting Tuesday.

With just five weeks left until the May 17 primary in Pennsylvania, the former president’s approval shook the race this past weekend from Oz and has apparently split into Trump’s political career.

Oz, the cardiac surgeon, writer and famous celebrity doctor who hosted the popular “Dr. Oz Show” of TV until the launch of his Senate campaign late last year, worked hard to get Trump’s approval. But so did Oz’s main rival in GOP primary, David McCormick, a former hedge fund manager, a graduate of West Point, a Gulf War fighter veteran and treasurer in the administration of former President George W. Bush.


Both McCormick and Oz have connections with Trump, with former top Trump White House and presidential campaign officials signing both candidates or serving as advisers. McCormick has another connection: his wife, Dina Powell McCormick, served as deputy national security adviser to the Trump administration. McCormick met with Trump at the former president’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, last Wednesday to make his case.

But Oz and his wife had eaten with Trump and former First Lady Melania Trump a few times in recent months and had often talked. Sources close to Trump’s world say that the observed preference of the former first lady for Oz may have been one of the deciding factors in Trump’s approval of the famous doctor.

Mehmet Oz, renowned physician and Republican Senate candidate for Pennsylvania, speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida, in February.  27, 2022.

Mehmet Oz, renowned physician and Republican Senate candidate for Pennsylvania, speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida, in February. 27, 2022.
(Tristan Wheelock / Bloomberg via Getty Images)

McCormick and Oz are the two polling front-runners in the primary race and have spent the other candidates a lot to run ads in Keystone State as they fight to win the Republican primary in the battle for to succeed with pension GOP Sen. Pat Toomey. The final Republican nominee will participate in a crucial general election contest that is one of a handful that can determine whether the GOP wins the Senate majority.

The two candidates have been negotiating fire for months over a number of issues, including who is tougher or softer on China, accusations that McCormick outsourced Pennsylvania jobs, Oz’s dual citizenship in Turkey, and most recently over fracking. And outside groups supporting each candidate have spent tens of millions of dollars in recent months launching offensive ads against McCormick and Oz in a race that has become the most expensive Senate showdown in the country.


The narrator in Oz’s new ad accuses that “Trump endorsed Dr. Oz for Senate because Trump knows who the real conservative is who will shake Washington. It’s not David McCormick, the liberal, pro- Biden, pro-China, Wall Street Insider “

McCormick campaign adviser Kristin Davison, responding to the Oz ad, stated that “obviously Mehmet Oz should continue to beat Dave with lies. Oz’s numbers are so anemic that he’s out of repair. Pennsylvanians have heard in Oz’s own words Oz say he loves working in China, loves Hillary Clinton, does not support fracking, the 2nd Amendment, or the pro-life movement.

Dave McCormick greets fans during a campaign event with Sen.  Ted Cruz, R-Texas, in Coplay, Pennsylvania, on Jan.  25, 2022.

Dave McCormick greets fans during a campaign event with Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, in Coplay, Pennsylvania, on Jan. 25, 2022.
(Tom Williams / CQ-Roll Call, Inc. via Getty Images)

The campaign reinforces their jabs at Oz with a new ad launched Monday in which the narrator charges that Oz is “a complete and total fraud.”

The place uses old clips from Oz praising Hillary Clinton as “one of the smartest people I’ve ever met.” And Oz is also seen complimenting Dr. Anthony Fauci – President Biden’s chief medical adviser and a figure who has been repeatedly deceived by many conservatives for his words and actions during the coronavirus pandemic – as “a very disciplined leader. He is a wonderful scientist.”


Oz is also seen in the McCormick ad that says in old clips that “we need to work with China” and “I love working in China,” and also asks “how do we keep guns out of the hands of” the wrong person? “

McCormick’s team says they are spending six figures to execute the new ad in the state of Pennsylvania. While a pro-McCormick super PAC has repeatedly questioned Oz’s conservative references in various ads, this is the first negative spot by the McCormick campaign.

But McCormick’s team says the new ad is not a change of strategy and insists they have repeatedly stated that Oz is what they characterize as “a Hollywood liberal who has not really been about what he believes.”


Oz campaign spokeswoman Brittany Yanick, in response to the new McCormick ad, told Fox News that “Dr. Oz has called for Anthony Fauci to be fired over the draconian lockdowns and mandates that hurt so many Pennsylvania residents. Hillary Clinton left herself alone. the time she was one of the most crooked politicians. “

And Yanick claimed that “liberal Wall Street insider David McCormick can not defend his attacks on President Trump and the defense of communist China, so he begins to lie about Dr. Oz’s record with these selectively edited clips. Dr. Oz’s show was a successful health platform for 13 seasons where he welcomes open, honest conversations and opinions from everyone who appeared on his show – that does not mean he shares the same beliefs and opinions as everyone on his show.

Pennsylvania Senate Candidates  Mehmet Oz and David McCormick

Pennsylvania Senate Candidates Mehmet Oz and David McCormick
(Getty Images)

McCormick is working with former Republican senators Tuesday night. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania at a campaign event in the southeastern part of the state. The former Conservative lawmaker and two-time GOP presidential candidate – who remains influential with those on the right in Pennsylvania – examined McCormick last week.

Trump’s approval of Oz was his second in the race. But the candidate who supported the former president last year, Sean Parnell, ended his bid in November immediately after losing a bitter battle to the feud over his three children to his estranged wife, who had accused witnesses in court Parnell of abuse. Parnell, an army veteran who saw fighting in the Afghanistan war, investigated McCormick in January, as first reported by Fox News.

Parnell, responding to Trump’s approval of Oz, tweeted: “I have tremendous respect for President Trump. I was honored to have his approval in PA. Twice But I’m Disappointed by This. Oz is the antithesis of all that Trump is the best made president of my life – he’s the farthest thing from America First and he would be very bad for PA.

A big question ahead is whether Trump will hold a rally with Oz in Pennsylvania for the May 17 primary. A for the former president had no comment for Fox News regarding any upcoming potential Keystone State events.


McCormick and Oz are part of a GOP field of eight candidates that also includes Jeff Bartos, an irreplaceable commodity developer, philanthropist and 2018 Republican nominee for lieutenant governor; Veteran and conservative political commentator Kathy Barnett; and Carla Sands, an immensely wealthy executive and major Republican donor who served as ambassador to Denmark during the Trump administration.

Lt. Gov. John Fetterman is the frontrunner in the primary Democratic Senate election, in a race that also includes Rep. Conor Lamb and State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta.

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