2 YouTubers banned from USC for ‘disruptive’ pranks

The 40 students in the class fled, with some triples over seated as they ran from “what seemed to them to be a plausible threat of threatening violence in the classroom,” according to the lawsuit.

“I was near the door, and I started running out,” said one student, Avery Kotler, Annenberg Media, who reported on the stunt. “Everyone just left in a very big panic,” the student said.

In another incident, on Nov. 12, the two men stormed a classroom disguised as characters from “Squid Game”, the violent Netflix series, according to the lawsuit. The men organized a false kidnapping with two other employees who were not named in the trial, the submission said.

Mr. Bai asked for the professor’s help, saying “a bunch of people with guns” were after him, the court said.

At one point, court documents say, Mr. Kanevsky and another individual chase Mr. Bai in class when he shouted, “If they catch me, my family will die!” Prior to the incident, the fourth employee, who was not undressed, entered the classroom to make a video of the joke.

In the lawsuit, university lawyers said the men’s behavior “amounts to both a public and private harassment,” adding that “it caused students emotional distress and real fear for their personal well-being” on campus. .

Mr. Kanevsky has 111,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, and Mr. Bai has about 3,000 on its channel. Both channels have videos of pranks on the beach, at gyms and in stores.

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