‘Kuch toh log kahenge’: Shashi Tharoor explains why he bowed to Supriya Sule in viral video | Latest News India

While social media users made fun of the tete-a-tete between Supriya Sule and Shashi Tharoor while Farooq Abdullah spoke in the Lok Sabha, the MP from the Congress revealed what they discussed.

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor has responded to his viral video featuring Supriya Sule in the Lok Sabha, which has become a top-tier meme content on social media. As shown in the video, Farooq Abdullah gave his speech in the Lok Sabha when the Nationalist Congress Party Supriya Sule and Shashi Tharoor were involved in what appeared to be a deeply engaging discussion. Shashi Tharoor bowed to Supriya Sule to listen to what she said.

The video has generated several memes as well as a comment from Shashi Tharoor who is quite athletic with fun and crazy on social media. Shashi Tharoor spoke to all those who had benefited from the cost of the exchange between him and Supriya Sule, explaining that the NCP deputy had asked him a policy question because she was about to speak out because they did not want to disturb Farooq Abdullah who was speaking at that moment, he bent over to hear her. ,Kuch te loggen kahenge“, said the MP of the Congress and marked Supriya Sule.

“For all those who enjoyed themselves at @supriyaSule’s & my expenses over our short exchange in the Lok Sabha, she asked me a policy question because she was about to speak. She spoke softly about FarooqSahib not to disturb, so I bent over to hear her, “tweeted Tharoor after mother-makers had a field day.

The most widespread meme was the one with Allu Arjun’s song Srivalli Pushpa: The Rise – In the background.

Many social media users expressed their intensity not knowing what Farooq Abdullah said but what Shashi Tharoor and Supriya Sule discussed.

The MP of the Congress often finds himself in the middle of discussion on social media. His photo with the female MPs had caused a controversy when he captioned it and said, “Who says the Lok Sabha is not an attractive place to work?” While his choice for the word ‘attractive’ had flattened, he said it was done in good humor to show camaraderie on the work floor.

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