When Robert Downey Jr. became a real superhero, a wounded woman helped and flirted with her: ‘You have no idea …’

Robert Downey Jr played a superhero on screen for over a decade, but did you know that to one of, he was also a superhero in real life. In a 2020 Reader’s Digest article, Dana Reinhardt recalled a story about how the actor, who was years away from becoming a global superstar with the Marvel movies, kicked in when he saw her grandmother had badly injured herself. And he even made sure he was as charming as he could.

On Downey’s 57th birthday, here’s a return to that story. The incident happened in the early 1990s, before Downey’s many announced brushes with the lawThe actor famously overcame a drug addiction and was uninsured for a while before he was hired to play Tony Stark / Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The author of the article was at a garden party for the ACLU of Southern California with her 80-year-old grandmother. She pointed Downey to her, but the older lady had no idea who he was. After the event ended, the author and her grandmother got up to leave, but her grandmother tripped and fell, hitting her chin open. Blood was everywhere. “I was sitting and laying my head between my knees because I thought I was going to faint …”, the author wrote, adding: “Luckily someone took control of the situation. That person was Robert Downey Jr. “

She added, “He took off his beautiful linen coat, he rolled up his sleeves and he grabbed my grandmother’s leg. Then he took the coat, which I had assumed he had just taken out of the way, and he tied it around her wound. I saw how the cream-colored linen became scarlet with her blood. He told her not to worry and that all would be well. ” The author recalled that Downey also made sure to flirt with her grandmother. “He held her calf and he whistled. He told her how beautiful her legs were,” she wrote, and later, “he walked next to the stretcher with her hand and told her that she was breaking his heart by leaving the party so early. , just as they were teaching each other. He waved at them as they closed the doors. “Do not forget to call me, Silvia,” he said. “We will have lunch.”

The writer admitted that she was too embarrassed to say anything to him at the moment. Years later, as she read about his prison sentence for drug possession, she thought about writing him in jail and reminding him of the story. But that’s the net. And then fate gave her a third chance. Years after her grandmother died and Downey was released from prison, she saw him in a restaurant. “I said, ‘I have no idea if you remember this …’ and I told him the story. He reminded him. ‘I just wanted to thank you,’ I said. ‘And I wanted to tell you that it’s just the nicest did was something I have ever experienced. ‘ He got up and he took both of my hands in his and he looked me in the eyes and said, ‘You have absolutely no idea how much I heard that today.’

Downey is now semi-retired from acting. His last appearance as Iron Man came in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame, the superhero blockbuster in which the character was murdered. He then tried to start another franchise, Dolittle, but that did not work out. He will next appear in a supporting role in director Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer,

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