Uttarakhand sets shooters to hunt tiger associated with 6 dead

The Uttarakhand Forest Department employs three shooters who will begin a hunt on Monday for a man-eating tiger that has killed six people in the past three months in the Fatehpur forest area in Nainital district.

“With the permission of the Chief Wildlife Warder, we have roped in three shooters to eliminate the tiger responsible for six human deaths in the last three months,” said CS Joshi, Division Forest Officer, Ramnagar Forest Division, Nainital. “Three teams have also been deployed to calm the big cat. All shooters will come here late at night … “

The three hunters are Ashish Das Gupta, Kirnesh Jung and Sayyad Ali Hadi, Joshi said.

In the forest area where the six people have been killed since December, eight cages and 72 camera traps have been placed.

The first incident took place on December 29, when Mukesh from the village of Damuwadhunga in Kathgodam fell prey to a large cat. The second incident occurred on January 13, when Nandi Sanwal of the village of Tangad lost her life, followed by Nathu Lal of the village of Vajuniya on January 17.

Janaki Devi of the village of Paniyali died on 21 February. After a month, Dhanuli Devi from the village of Bhaduni fell prey to the big cat on Tuesday when she went to the forest to gather food with her daughter-in-law. The latest case was from Indira Devi of the Kumaon colony Damuwadhunga in Kathgodam on Thursday. She had gone to the forest to graze her goats.

After the death of Nandi Sanwal, the Wildlife Institute of India confirmed that a tiger was behind the attack. Initially, rangers wanted to capture it with a calming rifle, but after the sixth death in the same area, the observer gave an order to shoot it down.

Tigers in India can only be killed in exceptional circumstances. Corbett Tiger Reserve has 231 tigers, while the surrounding areas, including Ramnagar Forest Division, have about 35 tigers, many of which also thrive in Corbett.

As locals use the forests to graze cattle and gather firewood, there have been increasing incidents of conflicts between humans and wildlife. The last time a tiger was hunted with official sanctions in Uttarakhand was in 2016.

Two female elephants from the Corbett Tiger Reserve were brought into service in a search. However, the forest has steep hills, making the search difficult, said KR Arya, ranger, Fatehpur forest area under Ramnagar forest division. “We try to make villagers aware that they are not entering the forest for firewood and fodder, but they are still venturing into the forest.

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