The active Covid caseload of Chandigarh Tricity area drops to 25, the lowest this year

In more relief on the Covid front, the tricity was left with only 25 active cases on Sunday, the lowest it has seen since the beginning of the year. Of the total active infections, 18 were in Chandigarh, five in Mohali and two in Panchkula.

The three jurisdictions reported four new virus cases in the last 24 hours, with the daily number remaining at one digit for the eight days. Two of these cases emerged from Chandigarh’s sectors 11 and 25, while one case each was reported from Mohali and Panchkula. Also, no new virus-related deaths were reported for the 32nd day in a row.

However, experts warned residents about self-satisfaction regarding Covid precautionary measures and also advised them to get vaccinated, if they did not already have them, in order to increase their immunity to the virus.

Dr PVM Lakshmi, Professor of Epidemiology, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, said: “In January, Covid cases were rapidly increasing due to the high transmission level of Omicron variant. After reaching the herd immunity stage, the transmission of infection disappeared in February. March fast, which resulted in a low number of cases.But the low numbers do not mean that the Covid-19 has disappeared.Each new variant of the virus will again lead to an increase if people take precautionary measures.

She added, “There is a fear of a new variant – ‘Deltacron’, which has characteristics of both Delta and Omicron, because many countries report their cases. So far in India this variant has no prevalence, but humans should follow Covid-appropriate behaviors to avoid another surge.

Dr Suman Singh, Director, Health Services, Chandigarh, said: “The virus is still deadly to the elderly and people with co-morbid conditions. Even if cases are minor, we need to follow rules. Vaccination is also the key to another deadly wave so people should not skip their doses if they are eligible. ”

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