Slot Upp day 35 written updates: Kaaranvir Bohra, Saisha Shinde are back on the show, Kangana Ranaut evicts Nisha Rawal | Web Series

Nisha Rawal was kicked out of the ongoing reality show Lock Upp on Sunday’s episode of the show. Host Kangana Ranaut also welcomed ex-contestants Kaaranvir Bohra and Saisha Shinde to the show. While Kaaranvir was suspended due to a task at the entrance of wild card contestants Zeeshan Khan and Vinit Kakkar, Saisha was asked to leave after she got into an argument with Kangana. ,Read also: Poonam shouts at the sight of Munawar-Anjali’s romance: ‘Akeli marungi main’,

The episode began with Kangana giving Anjali Arora an offer to get Saisha Shinde on her side or to get Saisha and Kaaravir in her team. At her entrance in Lock Upp, Saisha read a long note to Kangana and apologized to the show host. Kangana accepted her apology and then told Anjali to make her decision. In exchange for getting both Kaaranvir and Saisha into their team, Anjali would have to release one team member, chosen by Kangana. Anjali then chose Saisha for her team while Kaaranvir was sent to the other team.

Before the eviction, Azma Fallah and Nisha were finally left behind and Azma was given a chance to save herself in exchange for sharing a secret. Azma chose to share the secret. She turned out to be robbing people of an enormous amount of money while working for a social media app that asked her to make friends and talk to her. She said she duped people from 40-50 lakh. Azma saves herself by revealing the secret.

Kangana then announced that Payal Rohatgi had received the least number of votes, while Nisha was second on that list. The Bollywood star then chose Nisha for expulsion. Kangana also said that Nisha’s game had stagnated and she is not bad enough for the game. After hugging the participants, Nisha expressed happiness over the fact that she will now meet her son Kavish. Nisha then ran out of jail.

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