Lamborghini to unveil latest pure petrol cars within months, via Huracan, Urus lines

The end of an era is approaching for Lamborghini, as the market slows down after revealing its last three road cars without plug-in hybrid or electric power. Here is everything we know about them.

Italian exotic automaker Lamborghini is but months away from debuting their latest new models without any form of electrificationbefore its entire range switches to hybrid power within the next two years.

Three new cars will serve as Lamborghini’s farewell to the non-electrified era – two versions of the Huracan, and one Urus SUV – all for revelation before the end of this year.

While the cars to be unveiled this year will be on sale for 12 to 18 months without hybrid tech, they will be the latest road-legal new models from the Italian brand without hybrid or electric power – a switch that starts with the plug -a hybrid replacement of the Aventador in 2023, followed by the successor to the Huracan and a hybrid Urus in 2024.

Here is everything we know about the new models, thanks to spy photos, rumors, and an interview with Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann and Australian media including Ride end of last month.

April 2022: Lamborghini Huracan ‘Tecnica’

The first comb of the rank with combustion engine will be a new version of the Huracan, which is expected to be a road-oriented, rear-wheel-drive special that could bear the ‘Tecnica’ name.

“I can give you an indication that the first car we’ll be launching will be in mid-April, so we’ll have an announcement in mid-April. It’s going to be a rear wheel drive car, an emotional one. , Winkelmann told Ride,

Spy photos posted abroad show a look similar to the pre-facelift 2017 Huracan Performante, with similar bumper and wing treatments, and carbon-ceramic brakes – but traditional, five-air wheels instead of center-lock alloys (although it is unclear if this is reflective of the production car).

While foreign reports claim that this car will be marked JV Stradale, Ride first reported last year that Lamborghini has the trademark ‘Huracan Tecnica’ as its trademark – a badge similarly applied to a ‘run-out’ version of the Huracan’s predecessor, the Gallardo, with styling drawn from the Superleggera- and Spyder Performante variants of that car.

August 2022: Lamborghini Urus facelift

Lamborghini’s top-selling model, the Urus Performance SUV, will get its mid-life facelift after four years on sale later this year, with a public set for the Concours d’Elegance event in Pebble Beach, California this August.

“And the third [aside from the two Huracans]”As I said, this’s the Urus facelift we’ll be presenting at Pebble Beach in August, so in the United States, in California, this year.”

Spy photos – and the above rendering by artist @avarvarii – point to styling cues drawn from Lamborghini’s limited-edition Sian hypercar, with an angled front bumper, new hood vents, refurbished sidewalls, new alloy wheel designs, and what appear to be wider rear-wheel arc flares.

It remains to be seen whether changes will be made inside the cabin, or to the current Urus SUVs 478kW / 850Nm 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 under the hood. However, rumors suggest that a lighter ‘Sport RS’ variant is in the works, with more power (up to 503kW) and a sharper driving experience.

A plug-in hybrid will join the facelifted Urus range, though not until 2024. The introduction of the hybrid is expected to kill the standard, gasoline-only model, as Lamborghini switches its full range to hybrid only force.

Ein 2022: Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato

The latest petrol-only Lamborghini model is widely expected to be a production version of the 2018 Huracan Sterrato off-road supercar concept – all but confirmed in spy photos published online in recent months.

Referring to the previously mentioned photos (above), Winkelmann said Ride: “The second [Huracan] will be at the end of the year. I can tell you no more than what was already leaked with photos.

“This is also something we’ve been preparing for a few years now [hinting at the 2018 show car]so I really like to see this, and I think Lamborghini is the only brand [among] our competitors who can, or will, do a car like this. “

Differences between the Sterrato and standard Huracan models will include increased ride height, smaller lower wheels with rough-road-friendly tires, likely wheel arc extensions, slip plates, and possibly a roof-mounted air intake.

It remains to be seen whether changes will be made to Huracan’s trusted 5.2-liter V10 – although outputs corresponding to the 470kW / 600Nm of the Evo variant probably seem, with an overpowered seven-speed auto- gearbox with dual clutch and all-wheel drive.

Which of Lamborghini’s latest petrol-only cars do you like the most? Let us know in the comments.

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