International Gang Busted Link Of Fraud Related To China, Data Theft From The App

China is engaged in hollowing out the economy of our country. Chinese citizens sitting in many different countries are getting the amount cheated from millions of people across the country into crypto currency and put it in their accounts. Everything is happening with the help of an app. Police sources say that on an average, an amount of about 75 lakh to one crore rupees comes for fraud and recovery in one account. It is believed that these people have opened thousands of such accounts. Cyber ​​cell officials say that whenever you download an app, it will ask for permission to share your personal information. At that point you don’t have to allow that. If you give permission, then your personal data reaches the accused and people get caught in their clutches. A senior Delhi Police officer said that the son of a senior Delhi doctor was also caught in the clutches of these accused.

The accused blackmailed her by making her obscene photos. Initially he gave Rs. Later he got so upset that his mental balance got disturbed. He is studying MS. Troubled by these people in many parts of the country, many even committed suicide.

The way to avoid this is that if you or your children download an app from the Google Play Store and it asks for permission to take your information, then deny it. When downloading multiple apps, you don’t allow them to share information until they’re done.

Do not download apps that do this at all. Often children download games, there too permission is sought for taking such information. Try to explain this to the children too. This information is made by foreign hackers or other people by creating a database and either selling it to the fraudsters of India or misusing it themselves. Police is investigating the matter by interrogating the people caught in India.

used to cheat like this

The accused used to keep their apps on Google Play Store to entrap the needy people across the country. These apps were promoted in different ways. The accused used to claim that the loan amount would be credited to their account in a few minutes at very low interest rates through the app. No interest will be charged if the amount is refunded within 90 days.

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