How long – and loud – is the belt reminder alarm in your car? Check criterion

Car safety experts recommend visual and audio alarms in case a belt is not fastened for as long as 90 seconds, if not permanently.

By: HT Auto Desk
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04 April 2022, 09:27

The three-point belt is the most basic and yet most essential safety feature in modern cars.
The three-point belt is the most basic and yet most essential safety feature in modern cars.

Belts save lives and there is not even an iota of doubt about the protection that this very important car safety device offers to a driver and all other passengers. And yet, and so often, one can forget to strain and be vulnerable to personal injury and injury in the event of an unfortunate incident on the road. Not only is it against the law to be inside a moving car without the seat belt firmly in place, it is absolutely risky. As such, every modern car now comes with an alarm feature that senses the weight on the seats and issues an audible and visual warning that serves as a reminder.

The Indian government has made the three-point belt mandatory in all cars, including in the middle of the rear seat. The goal is to ensure a safer ride and minimize the extent of injuries in the rare event of an accident. But while it is great to have belts and warning sounds and signs issued in case these are ignored, there is also a need to make such warning signals more effective.

Worldwide, it is recommended that the audio warning issued in case someone has not bent in a moving car should be loud enough to get above cabin and ambient noise. Car safety experts recommend warning sounds to last at least 90 seconds, while some go so far as to say that these sounds should either be permanent until a belt is fastened, or there should be an ignition interruption in case of non-compliance. .

It is now also recommended that passengers at the rear receive a visual warning sign to remind them to exercise. There is a growing demand for sensors that are placed on the belt itself to ensure that the belt is not overturned from behind the back of a seat holder – a common practice in India.

So while it can be quite distracting to hear the alarm sounds and get the visual alert in case a belt is not attached, it can also turn out to be the one big factor that helps keep everyone in a car safe when you are underway.

First published date: 04. Apr 2022, 09:27 IST

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