attack on pac jawans posted in gorakhnath temple said main chahta hoon koi mujhe goli maar de

The youth, who attacked the PAC jawans with a sharp weapon at the main gate of the Gorakhnath temple, was dodged by the security personnel stationed there for 10 minutes. However, the police showed a lot of patience during this and caught him. In this, two soldiers showed courage. A big incident was averted. The attacker, Ahmed Murtuja Abbasi, was repeating the same thing over and over again during the interrogation of the policemen that I wanted someone to shoot me. He also attacked the policemen thinking that they would shoot him.

At the same time, sensation spread in the surrounding areas due to the attack. ADG Zone Akhil Kumar has scrutinized every aspect closely and said that strictest action will be taken. On Sunday evening, security personnel were stationed at the main gate of the Gorakhnath temple. Then there were two soldiers of 20th Battalion PAC, Gopal Gaund and Anil Paswan on duty. According to eyewitnesses, Ahmed Murtuja Abbasi reached the main gate of the Gorakhnath temple with a bag in his hand. He started manhandling the PAC jawans sitting on the chair. Then suddenly he took out the banki (sharp weapon) kept wrapped in a cloth from the bag and started hitting. The attacker directly attacked the PAC jawans. During this he also raised religious slogans. He injured Gopal Gaund and Anil Paswan by striking them with a sharp weapon and was continuously attacking. Not only this, he used to run towards whomever he saw.

When he started going inside the temple premises, other security personnel posted there showed vigilance. With weapons in hand, the attacker was proceeding to intimidate the people when UPP constable Anurag Rajput and Anil Gupta posted in LIU showed courage. Constable Anurag handed over the government weapon to the fellow standing at a distance and took a piece of bamboo and moved towards the attacker. The assailant had a sharp weapon in his hand but regardless of it, it broke on him. LIU jawan Anil also reached in his help. Both fell on the attacker. Some local people helped and both the jawans nabbed the attacker. The attacker was brought under control within 10 minutes.

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Can’t rule out terror angle: ADG

ADG Zone Akhil Kumar said that Gorakshpeeth is a very famous and important place. The Chief Minister also keeps on coming and going. Here such an incident is very serious. The accused was continuously attacking. The police had a lot of patience. The accused was also raising religious slogans during the attack. Investigating all aspects. Can’t rule out the terror angle either.

Pancard and airline ticket found from bag

Police have recovered a bag from the spot which is believed to be that of Ahmed Murtuja Abbasi. The police have got a PAN card, dao (sharp weapon), laptop and air ticket from the bag. Police say that the laptop found in the bag is very expensive.

sensation till Lucknow

Sensation spread from Gorakhpur to Lucknow within 10 minutes after a youth attacked security personnel at Gorakhnath temple gate. Various discussions started about the attacker. Officials from Lucknow also continued to take updates.

The accused said – I want someone to shoot me

Ahmed Murtuja Abbasi, who attacked the security personnel posted at the Gorakhnath temple gate, was repeating the same thing over and over again during the interrogation of the policemen that I want someone to shoot me. He also attacked the policemen thinking that they would shoot him.

Murtuja told the policemen during interrogation that he was mentally disturbed. Tired of domestic disputes. He doesn’t sleep at night. She also said that she is married. His wife has left him. However, he was also changing his words. Meanwhile, the police officials have detained Ahmed Murtuja Abbasi’s parents from their residence. Police officials say that information is being collected about Murtuja after interrogating him.

the attacker is extremely vicious or mentally ill

The injured attacker Ahmed Murtuja Abbasi admitted to the district hospital is mentally ill or a vicious miscreant. Police is probing it in depth. His actions and conversations are forcing the police to think so. The assailant continued to fight for a long time. Even after injuring two PAC jawans, he did not try to run away from the spot. He seemed to be mentally ill by his manner of talking and activities.

A man attacked the policemen posted at gate number one of Gorakhnath temple, he has been caught. He is a resident of Gorakhpur only. He has not been properly interrogated, so the reason for the attack is not clear. The accused also got injured. He is still unconscious. His family members are also being questioned.

Dr. Vipin Tada, SSP, Gorakhpur

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