Rajendra Gupta discouraged from getting big roles in films, says: ‘Producers, makers and channels were not interested in senior actors like me’

Senior actor Rajendra Gupta has been working in showbiz for almost forty years. The 74-year-old states that he started late, however, he is one of those rare senior actors, which is still relevant. Moreover, he is currently seen as a primary character in Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi“I feel that the industry is changing for the better now,” says Gupta.

Gupta recalls a “phase” on TV when private networks just began. “A lot has changed. Wo dekh ke thoda bura lagta tha, ye kaha se kaha aagaye hum. Initially when these particular channels started, I was a misfit,” he adds.

The actor recalls how privatization networks created more quantity and profit. “Producers, makers and channels were not interested in senior actors like me. Cinema is a place where you are always looking for a fresh face. They are more attracted to fresh faces. I also did not make monetary compromises. My image was not from someone who will easily compromise.They do not call me, especially after hearing my price.I used to feel bad, but kiss shikayat karu? Gupta exclaims.

An alumnus of the National School of Drama, Gupta feels that this led to an “alienation” between him and makers, but he could not let go of his principles. “I am very professional when it comes to work, and I am also very friendly. (But) It hurts me when someone exploits me. I never asked or called anyone for work. “People have approached me after seeing my work.”

De Lagaan (2001) actor has played central roles in all the TV shows he has done. However, his stint on the big screen has been sporadic. He reasoned: “There were camps in the cinema and I was never part of a camp. It’s not my personality. I could never do that. Haan, thoda so malal hain, I never got big roles in movies. “Film waale just called me for cameos. Wo baat andar se chubti hain. Ichchai kab kum hoti hain. But now I can not get over myself. You can not change the world.”

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