Golden State Warriors, ‘not playing good basketball’, lose again without Stephen Curry

ORLANDO, Fla. – When Stephen Curry went down last Wednesday with a sprained left foot, the Golden State Warriors knew they had a difficult end to the regular season.

They expect some bumps in the road – their entire system is built around Curry. Warriors coach Steve Kerr said it was like a “domino effect” when he was off the lineup.

But they have now dropped three games in a row – most recently a 94-90 loss to the Orlando Magic – and are 2-6 without Curry this season. The level of care is growing.

“I think we play softly,” Draymond Green said. “We play stupid. We just do not play good basketball and we get punked. It’s hard to win a game that gets punk. That’s where we are now.”

Against the Magic, things went wrong in the fourth quarter for the Warriors, who scored only 16 points in the final period. But, it was not just that quarter that cost her the match.

Green, along with Kerr, rattled off a laundry list of things Golden State did not do well – polluted 3-point shooters, setting up illegal screens, being late on switches. The common denominator according to them is that the performance of the Warriors has been poor.

“We need to get worse,” Kerr said. “There has to be a level of discipline and responsibility, of competitive desire. And, I know these are great guys. I love these guys. I know they want to win. But we have to learn how to win. On it at the moment we do not know how to win. “

“To perform it requires a certain level of physicality,” Green said. “We’re not getting there.”

With only 10 games left in the regular season, it’s time for the Warriors to learn how to win. And the current problems they’re suffering from will not be repaired by simply adding Curry back in the lineup, just as the problems the Warriors had without Green or Klay Thompson were not immediately repaired when they returned from them. respectively injured.

“This has zero to do with Steph,” Green said. “Steph does not bring that level of physicality to the game, and neither should he. That is not his job.”

Golden State wants the fact that it does not have a completely healthy schedule this season as an excuse not to use. It’s what every team in the league goes through, the Warriors say several times. It does not make them special. And it’s true.

But, just as the Phoenix Suns went 10-4 without Chris Paul, and the Memphis Grizzlies went 10-2 without Ja Morant in early December, the Warriors need to figure out how they can survive without their star.

Their first two full games without Curry – against the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday and the Magic on Tuesday – were two chances to do so. Instead, they let them both. Now they are going into the last four games of the roadtrip with which they will play five games in seven days. One of those games is at Memphis.

“No disrespect for the Orlando Magic, but that’s one of the worst teams in the league. We can not agree with that,” said Green. “And if you can not match that with them, then you can definitely not match that against a great team.”

“I do not care who is there,” Green said. “You can go to the park and be outmatched, but you will not be punked … that’s what we do.”