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As the search for China’s plane crash victims continues, China’s Civil Aviation Administration (CAAC) on Tuesday night launched a sector-wide two-week inspection for possible safety lapses, Reuters reported. The inspection will include inspections at all regional air traffic control bureaus and will also include the airlines and aviation training institutions to ensure the absolute safety of aviation operations and the lives of people.

The Chinese aviation authorities have said that the investigation is difficult because the plane was heavily damaged. Emergency officials and those from the airline and the Civil Aviation Administration of China shake the crash site, but the pun was either scattered or burned.

The investigation will try to find out why the plane made such an abrupt and heavy dive of 9,075 feet. Boeing has also offered full assistance in the probe.

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A Chinese Eastern Airlines plane – a Boeing-737 – carrying 132 people, including nine crew members, crashed Monday in the country’s southwestern province of Guangxi. According to flight tracking service FlightRadar24, China Eastern Flight MU5735 traveled from Kunming to Guangzhou. The country’s aviation regulator said contact with the plane was lost above the city of Wuzhou.

The Boeing aircraft was six years old and was at an altitude of 29,100 feet at 0620 GMT. Just over two minutes and 15 seconds later, data showed it had dropped to 9,075 feet, Reuters reported.

Since the fatal crash, China Eastern and two other subsidiaries have sunk their fleet of more than 200 Boeing 737-800 jets. After the crash, the website of China Eastern Airlines, mobile app, and some of its other social media platforms were presented in black and white, as a sign of respect or mourning for the adopted victims.

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