The mother is making the child diet, does not give enough milk, you will be stunned to hear the reason!

You must have heard from the mouth of elders to doctors that newborn babies should be given milk every 2 hours for at least 6 months (Feeding Routine of Babies). This is done so that the children remain healthy and their weight also increases rapidly. However, a mother named Kelly does not give enough milk to her little girl and she is dieting to lose weight.

You must be surprised to hear! Still, the truth is that Kelly does not feed her daughter Savina with full milk during the night. However, during the day, the child is given proper feed (Mother Cuts Feed Of Baby). There is an interesting reason behind the diet being done by the mother to the child and doctors have also given her the green signal for this.

Baby’s weight is excessive
Sharing her strange story on TikTok, Kelly told that when she took her daughter to the doctor for a checkup, she was asked to do so by the doctors themselves. The baby’s weight is 93 centiles more than normal children. Looking at the 10 kg girl, the doctors advised the mother to diet her so that her BMI could be normal. The head of the girl was bigger than the rest of her body and her length was also less in terms of weight. In such a situation, the mother also followed the advice given by the doctor.

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Advice on reducing feeds at night
According to Kelly, doctors advised her to reduce her baby’s night feedings. Although the baby wakes up for feed after every 2 hours in the night, but she gets it only after 5 hours. According to the mother, the child drinks 55 oz of milk a day, which doctors have asked to bring down to 30 oz. The girl does not like pacifiers or even bottles. 5 lakh people have seen this video of Kelly. He expressed surprise at the weight of the girl child and praised her hard work.

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