Deepika Singh: I will never do a daily soap again; quit TV for the sake of my health

It is a few years ago that actor Deepika Singh Goyal was seen as a mere face on TV. And that, she tells us, is because she decided to quit TV because long working hours took a toll on her health.

“I’m not working on TV, I’ve been worrying about this for the past two years. It’s because of my health issues that I took a break from TV. Later I found out that I had a lot of problems because of the lifestyle I had then. “I worked on TV. Now I know it’s very difficult for me to manage such long-term commitments,” says the actor, who is part of Diya Aur Baati Hum for five years.

She took a break after 2016, then made a comeback in 2019 with Kavach …only to soon bid farewell to the medium forever.

She adds, “I have decided that I will not do daily soaps. We pray ki show at least do saal tak chale so we can make some profit. But that is a long time for me to invest at this age. Daily soap karte time toh yeh bhi nahi pata hota ke when will we cancel our next.

However, the decision was not easy. “I tried to take on another project to see if I could manage it, but things did not work out. Workout is very important for my body type, I can not control my weight by just dieting. During Kavach I started to notice that i could not concentrate on my health, or workout, which I had to diet.Uss wajah she mera low BP rehne lag gaya, which took a toll on my health.Itna hogaya ke I thought I would completely stop acting , “says Goyal, who is currently working on OTT shows and short films.

She is thankful that despite leaving work on TV, social media brought financial stability into her life.

“I’m an independent woman, and I bear my own costs. And it’s because of social media that I can do it. The profits are not as great as when I worked on the small screen. But it’s enough,” she says. , while revealing that she was ashamed on social media after the birth.

“When I was beaten, I got a kick to work hard on my body. They once said that my career kharab ho gaya etc … But it motivated me to work hard, and now that bashing has changed into something positive, “wraps the actor, who is currently working on OTT shows and short films.