Clacks author aims to promote nature conservation with new book

A CLACKS man hopes that his book, which explores the wild secrets of Scotland, will open the eyes of people to the natural wonders around them.

Nature writer Keith Broomfield, who wrote his On the Wildside column in the Advertiser for years, has just released A Scottish Wildlife Odyssey.

The volume, published by Tippermuir Books, is a five-month journey of nature discovery that includes well-known and lesser-known wildlife locations.

Written in Keith’s familiar and captivating style, he embarks on a personal journey as he searches for some of Scotland’s most unusual creatures, including those found under the sea.

Keith said: “The book is a journey through Scotland, starting in the south west and then zig-zagging through Scotland, alternating between west and east, northwards, until the journey ends in Shetland.

“This five-month journey was a snapshot of Scottish nature and a random dip in its deep riches.

“I hope it opens the eyes of readers to what a beautiful country we live in.

“It’s easy to take our nature and landscape for granted, something we should never do.

“I also hope it inspires, and if the book leads to even a handful of people becoming more interested and active in nature conservation, then I would be happy with the end result.”

On its way north, the writer encounters a large bureaucrat with wild goats, crowned eider ducks, white-blooded black thorns, tall live water-mills, pregnant seals, raging strings, bottlenose dolphins, mysterious cuckoos, hasty slow-moving worms, bones and bones. .

Hoping that humans will not take the landscape and its creatures for granted, Keith also looks forward to the future.

The author said: “Although the book is a celebration of Scottish nature, it also highlights the very difficult environmental challenges we face in order to ensure that we can live a more sustainable future, where both nature and humanity can flourish. ”

His previous book, entitled If Rivers Could Sing, wrote a year of wildlife on the Devon River in Wee County.

As then reported, it was shortlisted at last year’s Scottish National Book Awards.

Visit The Sorting Office in Dollar, Muircot Farm Shop at Coalsnaughton or to pick up a copy of A Scottish Wildlife Odyssey.