wifi cuts on my new laptop

before I had a hp pavilion 13 inch laptop. I have been using it for years and I had no problems with wifi cutting. I use the laptop in the same room as the router

the laptop broke so I bought a new laptop that is hp pavilion 14 inch. i got it on january 26th and on january 27th morning i formatted the hard disk and cleaned installed windows and i installed windows 10 build 21h2

the problem is that the wifi is constantly disconnecting on its own and that it is not connected to the internet. that happened once this morning, once yesterday afternoon and once before yesterday afternoon. the wifi networks are still visible and I need to disconnect the wifi and reconnect it so that it comes back

also sometimes when i wake up the laptop from sleep there is a delay in the wifi connection. when i woke up the laptop today the wifi did not connect. i closed the laptop cover and i opened it and i woke up the laptop again and then connected the wifi

my wifi card is Realtek RTL8822CE 802.11ac PCIe Adapter. I want to ask if the cut is happening because of my wifi card? I read that some people said that the wifi card is bad. there are no recent drivers for my wifi card and the realtek website does not mention my wifi card

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