Nishant Bhat does not want the participants of Bigg Boss 15 to meet after show: ‘Done with looking at their faces’

Even if the Bigg Boss 15 trophy went to Tejasswi Prakash, many, including former Bigg Boss winner Gauahar Khan, said that Pratik Sehajpal deserved to win this season instead. Nishant Bhat, who chose to walk away from the race to the trophy at the grand final, responded to the drama in a new interview with Hindustan Times. Nishant also responded to reports that he will be appearing on Dance Deewane Junior soon. He also said he needs a break to see his former Bigg Boss contestants.

“Honestly, I always saw Karan Kundrra, Teja (Tejasswi), Pratik Sehajpal, Shamita Shetty, and myself in the top five. I wanted to win Pratik because he is my friend, but Teja is also a friend. I’m happy “for her. At the end of the day, the audience made her win and she must have done something good and entertained her,” Nishant said.

He added, “I was cool with it. Teja jeeti accha hi hai, Pratik jeet ta to bhi accha tha Karan jeet ta to bhi accha tha (It’s good that Teja won, would have been as good as Pratik or Karan had won “Teja won and I do not want to take it away from her. I will not say that she did not deserve it, and all that. She entertained in her own ways.”

In elaborating his next plan, Nishant said he wanted to rest for at least 10-15 days. “I must forget and not meet one of Bigg Boss’s competitors. I’m done looking at her faces. Except, I’ll meet Shamita and Pratik, because tomorrow (February 2) is her birthday. I will too Karan and Teja meet, but maybe Teja will be busy with their new show (Naagin 6). “

Asked if we will see him at Dance Deewane Junior, as some reports suggest, Nishant said: “Let’s see. Things happen, but let’s confirm and I’ll let you know. I want to judge (shows), and all do these things, but show us how things work. “

Recalling that Pratik got a t-shirt from Salman and Tejasswi got a new show, Nishant added, “I got so much love from the audience and Salman. Monkey juk aapko pata chal jaega kya mila hai which I have.) Honestly, I do not agree with her (Dance Deewane producers) .It’s not just Dance Deewane.There are other things in the pipeline.I told my team I was 10-15 days “and then I will make statements. Good things are happening.”

On the reason why he chose to leave after reaching the finals, Nishant said: “For me, it was not about winning the show. I did not want Bigg Boss to say ‘Nishant your journey ends here and you have to get out of the house. ‘I just did what I felt was right, always done on the show. Even at that moment I did what my mind and heart said was good. in the previous episode, but I did what I did. I wanted to win the hearts of the people and that’s it. “

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Nishant shared his views on the fights we witnessed at Bigg Boss 15, saying, “Fighting happens and affects us. For Shamita, Pratik, and me … we spent about six months together. Fighting happened, but then you go on. In a real friendship you fight when opinions clash. You have to move on. In normal life you have an option that you call someone, abuse them and then just stop talking. In Bigg Boss you can not. You have to examine and sort it. “

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