Mumbai has witnessed cooler, wetter January this year than 2021 | Mumbai news

Mumbai: The city was noticeably cooler in January this year than in 2021, with the average daily minimum temperature going to 18.3 degrees Celsius, down from 19.2 degrees in the year before. Mumbai’s lowest daily minimum reading of 13.2 degrees Celsius (recorded on January 10) this year was also lower than the 14.8 degrees Celsius recorded on January 29, 2021. Moreover, the average daily maximum dropped by 30.6 degrees Celsius last year. to 30.2 degrees Celsius last year. month.

“A preliminary analysis suggests that these January were 11 days in which the minimum temperature in Mumbai (Santacruz) was below the monthly normal value of 17.3 degrees Celsius. This January was definitely cooler and wetter than January 2021 in which d the nine days were that the minimum temperature was below normal value. Looking at the recent five years (2018–2022), the number of days in January with the minimum temperature below the monthly normal value has decreased from about 20 days in 2018 –2019 after about 10 days in 2021–2022, ”said Akshay Deoras, an independent meteorologist and PhD candidate with the University of Reading, UK.

Although it is not possible to draw a conclusion about changes in climate patterns with data from such a short time series, Deoras said that the figures “definitely show a strong annual variability in minimum temperatures, and how the effect of weather systems such as western disturbances may vary and modulate the winter season in Mumbai.

IMD officials have attributed the January weather conditions to the impact of two western disturbances that brought rain to the city on January 8 and January 22, with a dust event after the latter.

“With the last 4.5 mm of rain, it was the wettest January on record, because it rained at a time when the temperatures are at least the coldest in the year. There were two striking spells when the temperatures suddenly dropped due to the presence of moisture as well as northerly winds, while last January the day to day variation felt more slow, “said an official from the India Meteorological Regional Center. Department in Mumbai.

Deoras said the dust event on January 23 and the subsequent historic degradation of air quality was the “most interesting meteorological phenomenon” in Mumbai in January.

On Tuesday, the minimum temperature in the city dropped again from 17 degrees on Monday to 14.8 degrees Celsius (three degrees below normal). This was the coolest morning in Mumbai in a week, which the IMD official attributed to a change in wind direction.

“There has been a slight shift and we are getting direct cold winds from the north. This can continue for a day or two, after which there will be another increase in temperature, “the official added.

The daytime temperature also dropped to 30.6 degrees Celsius on Tuesday (one degree below normal), down from 32.1 degrees Celsius the day before.

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