Is it the best option to suffer from intolerance a la lactosa?

“Soybeans and nutmeg have ten profiles of more saludable grasses than vaca”, said Walter Willett, Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition at Harvard Public School Chan. Coconut milk, like vaca, has high levels of saturated grass, which raises cholesterol levels. Soy leches and the distances of liqueurs without sugar are added — like almonds, nuts, mani, anacardo, avellana or macadamia — less calories than lecha de vaca. The avenue lichen, without added sugar, is high in fiber and its calorie son is comparable to that of the vaca leche.


Soy lecha is the alternative without lactates that contain the same amounts of protein as the vaca lecha. Pero en Estados Unidos la deficiency protica no is a motive for preoccupation, dijo Willett, about everything for adults. Without embarrassment, it seems that leche has a significant amount of protein, revises the labels of different products since the latency varies greatly between the alternatives to leche vacuna.

Tanto Romano as Willett also suggests the etiquette in the search for alternatives fortified with calcium and vitamin D, which can help the health of the dogs. “Definitely need vitamin D”, says Willett, although it probably does not need levels high in calcium as much as many stadiums. “To directly observe the lactose, we see that a very high consumption of lactose reduces the rates of fractures, at the test level”, says the doctor.

It is also recommended that you be aware of the leaks that are causing a lot of damage. Ideal is the product that does not have contenga azúcar añadido, but it is generally that it is 10 grams per serving.

One ultimate consideration: the planet. “In this moment, it is important to consider as a point the view of salud tanto como uno ambiental”, dijo Willett. The production of lactose is concentrated at high levels of greenhouse gas emissions and requires a lot of water. “As far as the ambient cave is concerned, the alternative leches are unfit”.

Sophie Egan describes sober alimentación, salud en sostenibilidad. Is the author of the book How to be a conscious eater: make food choices that are good for you, others and the planet. @SophieEganM

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