Children rely on us to make the right choice for them: Sunny Leone | Bollywood

Mother of three, actor Sunny Leone has read about the effects that Covid-19 vaccination can have on children

With Covid-19 numbers in most parts of the country plateau, public spaces have reopened in a limited way. In fact, schools in Maharashtra reopened last week. And with that, actor Sunny Leone strikes a sigh of relief. “School time is the most important part of children’s lives. But my boys (Asher and Noah) have not been to school and that’s really sad. Nisha (her daughter) has been at an online school for ages, “she says.

Talking about how re-launching schools could play a role in disseminating messages related to Covid-19 standards to children at a time like this, Leone explains, “The right protocol can be set up through the school system to “Safe environment for children. As far as I’m concerned, they are between one and six years old. What they learn is school sets the foundations and roots for the rest of their lives.”

Daniel Weber, Asher, Nisha, Noah and Sunny Leone (Photo: Instagram / sunnyleone)
Daniel Weber, Asher, Nisha, Noah and Sunny Leone (Photo: Instagram / sunnyleone)

She argues that even though Omicron cases are now relatively in control, parents should not stop being on their toes. And with the way the pandemic has affected children during their third wave, the Bullets actor is busy reading Covid-19 vaccine for children.

Leone, 40, says: “It’s one thing for adults to take a vaccine, because we make our own choices for our bodies. We can research the vaccines we like to take, but children count on it. us to make the right choice for them, and that’s the hardest part. ”

She also wants to take all sorts of precautionary measures and be prepared for how vaccines might affect her children. “I have to wait a little longer before more research material is available on vaccination of children and how it affects them. I do not always have to take care of myself, but I love my children the most, ”Leon concludes.

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