Best books for MPTET exam


Best books for MPTET exam

Best Books for MPTET Exam – List of best books for Madhya Pradesh TET Exam: Looking for best books for MPTET exam. Do not be deceived. Because we have the list of best books for Madhya Pradesh. Why delay ?. View the best books you need to prepare for MPTET Exam. Make sure you take your notes using MP TET Book Varg 3. So that you may not miss any of the crucial information about Madhya Pradesh TET Best Books.

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Top books for the MP TET

Before referring to the Top Books for the MP TET, the written exam consists of two papers. Both papers have covered similar topics except one, i.e. Environmental Research in Paper I and Social Sciences in Paper-II.

You will be further asked to refer to the books given below for the preparation of both papers I and II. MP TET books are given according to the different sections according to the exam pattern. Take notes at your convenience.

MPTET Child Development and Pedagogy

  • Child Development and Pedagogy – Disha Publication

Key Feature: Focuses on topics such as Child Development. Including education, learning and pedagogical issues are well defined.

  • CTET & STETS: Child Development and Pedagogy – Himanshi Singh

Key Feature: Includes previous year’s interviews. Complete structure of questions.

  • CTET: Child Development and Pedagogy – Pearson Publication

Key Feature: Discusses the various aspects of educational psychology. An enhanced version of the included contexts.

MPTET Language I

  • Hindi language – Arihant publication

Key Feature: Basic concepts of the language. Comprehensive structuring of the concepts.

  • Hindi Vyakaran – Kamta Prasad Guru

Key Feature: Contains solutions and practice sentences. Well-defined grammar sequences.

  • Samanya Hindi Book for 2021 – Agrawal ExamCart

Key Feature: Full Hindi syllabus added. Guided reference.

MPTET Language II

  • English Language – Pearson Publication

Key Feature: Reading comprehension has high priority. Equipped with defined contexts.

  • Purpose General English – SP Bakshi

Key Feature: Treats the basics of language. Great influence on verbal abilities, and grammar.

  • General English for all competitive exams – SC Gupta

Key Feature: Contains more than 600 practice questions. Distribution of the concepts thereon.

MPTET Mathematics

  • Math Exam Target Post – Wiley Publication

Key Feature: Lots of practice problems. Tells various examples.

  • Handbook Mathematics – Arihant Experts

Key Feature: Focuses on major topics. Key elements are well thought out.

  • Objective calculation – RS Aggarwal

Criteria-based coverage of the topics. The structured and defined basis of the concepts.

MPTET Environmental Studies

  • Environmental Studies – Wiley Publication

Key Feature: Contains topic-specific concepts. Orientation of the fundamental concepts.

  • Ecology and Environment – PD Sharma

Key Feature: Addresses priority-based topics. Means the big impact on the problems.

  • Objective Environmental Sciences – Dr. BB Singh

Key Feature: Topics covered – ecosystem, biotic resources, biosphere, pollution, etc. Chronologically based on the flow of topics.

MPTET Social Science

  • Quick Indian History – Disha Experts

Key Feature: Provides a systematic method. Heals the natural flow of contexts.

  • Indian and World Geography – Majid Husain

Key Feature: Provides insight into physical, economic and social geography. Requires treatment of topics covered.

  • Indian Politics – M. Laxmikanth

Key Feature: Provides comprehensive learning on the Indian political scenario. All levels of topics are included.

List of best books for Madhya Pradesh TET

  • MPTET MP Teacher Eligibility Test (Hindi) – Dr. Chandresh Agrawal
  • MPPEB Prathmik Shikshak Patrata Pariksha 2021 (Hindi) – Arihant Experts.
  • MP Primary Tet Grade 3 Ganit (Mptet Maths) Complete Guide Book 2021 – Hindi – Examcart
  • MP Primary Tet Grade 3 Paryavarniya Adhyan (Mptet Paryavaran Adhyan) Complete Guide Book 2021 – Hindi – Examcart
  • MP Primary Tet Grade 3 Bal Vikas Evam Shikshashastra Complete Guide Book With
  • Exercise Kits 2021 (MPTET) – Hindi – Examcart
  • MP Primary Tet Grade 3 English (Mptet English) Complete Guidebook with Exercise Kits 2021 – Examcart
  • MP Primary Tet Grade 3 Sanskrit Bhasha (Mptet Sanskrit Bhasha) – Examcart

MP TET Books for Child Development & Pedagogy

  • Book Name: Child Development & Pedagogy
  • Publication Name – Disha Publication

MP TET Books for Mathematics

  • Book Name: Math Exam Goal Post (Classes 1st to 5th)
  • Publication Name – Wiley Publication

MP TET Books for Environmental Studies

  • Name of book: Environmental Studies
  • Publication Name: Wiley Publication

MP TET Book for English

  • Book name: English language
  • Publication Name: Pearson Publishing & Author Name is Geeta Sahni

MP TET Book for Hindi

  • Book Name: Hindi Language
  • Publication Name: Arihant Publication

Now, the list of best books for Madhya Pradesh TET is now with you. So, do not forget to ace your preparation with these MP TET Best Books. Good luck with your exam. Stay tuned for more informative articles with us at

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