Activists, including Subhash Palekar, were miffed with the idea of ​​natural agriculture | Nagpur News

Nagpur: The Union Budget has disappointed farm activists from the region, including Subhash Palekar, whose zero-budget building method was mentioned in 2019.
In the 2019 budget, zero budget construction had a prominent mention as a means of doubling agricultural income. Four years later, when Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman spoke again about natural agriculture, Palekar says there seems to be no consistency.
Because activists and farmers have expressed doubts about its efficiency, even Palekar has rejected the current idea of ​​natural agriculture, calling it disastrous.
Palekar told TOI, “It is not my natural farming method that the government seems to be following. There seems to be a shift to a Japanese method by Masunobu Fukoka that can not be successful. My method is mainly known as Subhas Palekar Natural Farming, which has hardly been discussed by the government. ”
Meanwhile, activists, who still support the conventional method of agriculture, say that natural agriculture will be an impractical solution.
Anil Ghanvat, president of Shetkari Sangathana, said that announcements about direct transfer of MSP for the purchase of paddy and wheat were made with a view to elections in Punjab and UP. Farmers from the rest of the country have been evicted.
“The idea of ​​natural agriculture also seems impractical because it would lead to a big dip in exports. If the government wants pesticide-free agriculture, then genetically modified crops should be allowed,” said Ghanvat, who was also a member of the court-appointed commission for the now disbanded farm laws.
Vaibhav Kashikar of Ankur Seeds said the government should think about the feasibility of natural agriculture as it also affects exports. Although the idea of ​​using artificial intelligence and machine learning in the sector is a welcome step.
“The announcement on natural agriculture just seems to be a departure from core issues such as agricultural subsidies. There was no word on increasing farm income or wages of farm workers, “said Vijay Jawandhia, a veteran activist of the farm.
Asitava Sen, CEO of Crop Life India, said the idea of ​​spraying agro-chemicals through drones is remarkable. The Minister of Finance also spoke about the development of natural agriculture on a 5 km long corridor along the Ganga. This can also help in rejuvenating the river. However, natural agriculture generally needs some scientific evidence. Aspects such as not only performance but even protection against invasive pests need to be explored.
Ganesh Nanote, a farmer from Akola, said the government would have to guarantee to make up for the loss in production when switching to natural farming.
Bharatiya Kisan Sangh, the farmers’ outfit affiliated with RSS, has supported plans for chemical-free agriculture. However, it has objected to having GST on farm inputs because it ultimately leads to burdens on farms, the sangh said.
Kishore Tiwari, chairman of Vasantrao Naik Shetkari Swavalamban Mission (VNSSM), said there was no credit issue, revision of MSP or a change in the crop insurance scheme, which would leave farmers disappointed.

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