When Lara Dutta-Mahesh Bhupathi’s daughter Saira spoke about divorce: ‘Have a heart attack’

Bollywood actress Lara Dutta, Who has been promoting her latest web series on Lionsgate, Hiccups and Hookups, recently opened up about how her four-year-old daughter Saira knew what a divorce is, courtesy of her husband, tennis superstar Mahesh Bhupathi.

In an interaction with Brut India, Lara shared how her husband Mahesh Bhupathi’s love for television series FRIENDS finally taught Saira about divorce and how she should handle the situation while Mahesh was just laughing.

In an interview with Brut India when she revealed that her daughter was hooked on the show at the age of four. She said: “His favorite show ever is Friends, which he hated my daughter when she was just four years old. So at four o’clock my daughter came and asked me one day, ‘Mom …’ she was playing a game and she said, “Oh, I’m alive. This is my house, this is your house and I’m divorced.”

Lara was shocked to hear Saira’s take on divorce. “And I almost had a heart attack because I was just like ‘What do you say?’ Who told you that? What is divorce? ‘ and she’s like, ‘Oh, if two people are in a bad marriage and it does not come together and they live apart, it means they are divorced,’ “she said.

Lara added, “I was like, ‘Who told you this?’ She said, ‘Daddy did.’ I was like (sent a phone call) ‘Mahesh, why the hell did you tell her what divorce is?’ and he started laughing. He said, ‘No, we saw Friends and she wanted to know why Ross was married three times.’ I was like, ‘So you told her the meaning of divorce?’ That’s the kind of parent we are. “

Lara Dutta, a former Miss Universe 2000, and India’s first Grand Slam winner, Mahesh Bhupathi got married on February 16, 2011. They have a daughter, Saira. Mahesh had been married to model Shvetha Jaishankar for seven years before tying the knot with Lara.

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