Tesla Electric Car Supercharger Spied

Tesla India Supercharger Network
Return image. Credit – Backstage with Millionaires

Tesla is currently testing Model 3 and Model Y in India, the former is expected to launch next year

Tesla’s entry into the Indian market is a hotly debated topic in the automotive sector. There have been many ifs and buts regarding the future of Tesla in India, even after the company officially registered its local entity in the country earlier this year as Tesla India Motors And Energy Private Limited.

In the latest development, the American EV brand has completed homologation and four of its electric car models in India. In addition, the Tesla Supercharger unit has now been found in India, whose image was shared on Twitter by Tesla Club India.

Tesla in India

The approval document certifies that Tesla’s electric cars in the country are faulty. Although the names of homologated models have not yet been revealed, the Twitter handle thinks the four car models are registered variants of Model 3 and Model Y. Both of these cars have been spotted several times on Indian roads in recent months.

However, we believe that Tesla could have homologated all four products in its global lineup, the other two being Model S and Model X. Confirmation here is expected from Tesla in the near future. The US EV manufacturer has brought its CCS2 Supercharger units to India which are currently awaiting installation.

Tesla Supercharger In India
Tesla Supercharger In India

Challenges ahead

From the picture, they appear to be V2 150kW Superchargers. At this time no confirmation could be sought. All in all, getting a foothold in the Indian car market will not be easy, seeing electric cars still account for only 1 percent of the country’s annual car sales.

Saving charging infrastructure is the main reason for this slow market, although governments at both central and state level along with various car OEMs have been pushing for charging stations in different countries. India’s tax regime is another speedbreaker that discourages premium car brands from launching their EVs in India.

Reduction in taxes

Earlier this year, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, tweeted that import taxes in India are among the highest in the world and the nation treats clean energy cars the same as IC motor-powered cars, which is not in line with its climate goals. Tesla has openly come out and sought additional subsidies from the Central Government of India for its upcoming electric cars in India, which will initially be offered as Completely Built Units (CBUs).

However, this has resulted in mixed reactions across the country. Recently, Union Road and Highways Union Minister Nitin Gadkari stated at the India Today Conclave 2021 that at its launch in India, the Tesla car will cost Rs 35 lakh. Although this was not a formal announcement, it seems that the Government of India has had some discussions with the US EV manufacturer about this issue.

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