For her birthday, Dia Mirza asks fans to step up for the country’s forest rangers | Bollywood

Actor-producer Dia Mirza, who has been the voice of change for conservation and protection of the environment, has a special wish for her fans on her 40th birthday on December 9th.

Instead of throwing a big party, the actor aims to help the robbed families of the country’s forest rangers, who lost their lives in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. A hopeful Mirza says: “I call on everyone to get involved, donate to the cause and help ensure a secure future for the families of those who have given their lives to protect our forests.”

At the height of the second wave of the pandemic, rangers continued to work and patrol the forest on foot. “This year, around March and June, the country lost more than 500 of these conservation heroes to Covid-19,” she shares, adding that “most of them were between 30 and 50 years old.”

By standing up for her families, Mirza will donate 40 lakh and “everyone seeks his help to maximize the impact”.

She reveals, “Starting with my 40th birthday this year, for the next 40 days, I will donate a lakh every day and hope that all of you next to me will contribute to the best of your ability.”

Mirza further says: “I would ask all those who would like to send me flowers or gifts on my birthday to make a donation to Wildlife Trust of India instead to help our Van Rakshaks.”

The UNEP Goodwill Ambassador as well as the Ambassador of Wildlife Trust of India feel that it is the duty of everyone to support the forest rangers, whom they call “guardians of the wild”, to honor their efforts in serving the nature.

She adds: “The sudden death of such dedicated people is not only heartbreaking, but a blow to nature conservation. The least we can do now is recognize their service and support the young families they leave behind.”

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